Hat 1: Milk jug

The first hat of many!

The first hat of many!

Today I opened a bag of scraps that someone on the Random Acts of Kindness Ravelry forum sent to me, a collection of Sirdar Demin Tweed yarns. This is the Sirdar Denim Tweed DK (Rav link), in a nice blue and white, two rows of each. The hat reminds me of those old-fashioned milk jugs. I want to do another one, but with a handle on it!


Cast on 28 stitches. Knit four rows in garter stitch in your first colour. Then switch to the second colour, knit two rows in stockinette stitch. Knit two rows of each colour for 14 rows. Then, as usual, knit two together all the way along the row for two rows, and use a sewing needle to thread the tail through the remaining 7 stitches, and sew up the side.


Take the ends of both colours of wool and wrap around two fingers about 15 times. Take another piece of wool and tie it around the middle of the wrap, very tightly. Cut the loops on both sides, and use the yarn from the knot to sew the bobble onto the top of the hat. Floof it up a bit, and trim to taste.

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