Hat 6: Steve’s birthday ear-warmer

Steve models Hat 6

Steve models Hat 6

Today is Steve’s birthday, so I thought he’d like to be able to design my smoothie hat for today. He chose the fascinating Rowan Tapestry 30% soy/70% wool blend, which is soft and floofy and has lovely colour changes, but a tendency to make what I think of as donuts on the working yarn as it runs through your fingers. He asked for a very long, pointy hat with a plaited tail, and that is what he got – basically, a night cap.


Knit your hat as per usual up to 14 rows or so. To decrease, use the pixie decrease, but knit every other row throughout (ie: without decreasing).

Thread the tail through the last four stitches, and then thread another piece of yarn through the tip of the hat, twice as long as the remaining tail. Plait them together and tie a knot in the end, and then trim the last wispy bits.

NB: Here is how the Rowan Tapestry does the donut thing, in case I’m not making sense! It’s DK, and all that donut came from one hat.

The Donut Effect

The Donut Effect

3 Responses to “Hat 6: Steve’s birthday ear-warmer”

  1. 1 Sara October 20, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Great idea for a blog. I knitted some hats for this year but missed the deadline. Lets hope they do this again next year.

  2. 3 Sara October 21, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Great! will post them today!

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