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Hats 47 & 48: From Joe again

A blue one and a purple one

A blue one and a purple one

Two hats from Joe’s wool! Not much else to add, really. 🙂

Hats 43-46: Joe is awesome

Two with white bobbles, one pixie-topped

Joe is wearing awesome glubs too

Viola! Three weeny hats, modeled by the fabulous Joe, who made his wristwarmers, and they are GREAT.

Joe also gave me some nice wool for future hats, yay! Thank you, Joe!

That is all.

Hat 42: Musical grandmas

White hat with dark brown musical note in intarsia

Laaaaaaa! Mimimimi!

As kindly pointed out to me by Jzblue on Rav, there’s apparently a charity single out!

Click here for more info. 🙂


In honour of the event, I’ve done a musical note on a hat. The patterned section is 6 stitches wide, start on the fourth row thusly (rubbish chart worked from the bottom up):

o = black

– = white

– – – o – – 11

– – – o o – 10

– – – o – o 9

– – – o – – 8

– – – o – – 7

– – – o – – 6

– – – o – – 5

– o o o – – 4

o o o o – – 3

o o o o – – 2

– o o – – – 1

Hat 41: Linking in to yesterday

Thumbs up, with a blue hat on it (white brim and bobble)

As you can see, I had imagination yesterday... but not today.

Today’s hat is using up more of the white. I keep knitting hats with the white brim and bobble, because every year I have white left over. For some reason, people always give me white and then I don’t use it because I think it’s boring. Obviously, white isn’t boring at all, but my brain gets a bit stuck sometimes.

So, as these hats get sold around Christmas time, white gets used up on stereotypically Christmassy hats, like so.

Note how today’s photo is similar to yesterday’s, and seems imaginitive but is somehow very similar to the last one. Hmmmmm… Sneaky.

Hats 39 and 40: Christmasesque

Orange hat and blue hat, both with white brim and bobble

Er. I can't think of a caption.

I was on the bus the other day, and someone genuinely said to someone else, seriously, “Merry Christmas”.


Hat 38: Santa should feel able to wear blue

Blue hat with white bobble and brim thing

Exciting, isn't it?

So there’s this rumour going around, and it’s been going on since those stupid lit-up Coca Cola lorries have been driving around being sickening, that Santa wore green until Coca Cola turned him red. Snopes went and disputed that, and so I’d like to reach out to Santa and help him out.

Santa, this hat proves that you can wear blue and still look good. You don’t have to bow to corporate pressure.

Thank you.

Hat 37: Back on track!

Bluey Rowan Tapestry with a white brim and bobble

Hat 37: Bluey Rowan Tapestry with a white brim and bobble

Hurrah! I’m back to blogging daily. I’ve been horrendously busy the last couple of days, and today has made me verrrry achy and old-ladified. I did get to see some really lovely people, and play Bananagrams, and I finished my mum’s socks!

I’m really tempted to start a sock yarn blanket, but I think that might be unwise so I’ll do a scarf with a hood on instead.

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