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Hat 24: Button Blues

Dark and light blue striped hat, with a button on

Observe my laziness, webcam again

So I’ve done two extra today, which means that if I knit two tomorrow I’m all caught up to the present. Phew.

I thought I’d chuck another button on, I think everyone should accessorize their accessories. My goodness, is that how you spell accessory? It looks all wrong, somehow.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy looking at this shockingly bad photo. 😉

Hat 23: Almost square

Grey and white horizontal ribbed hat, in scraps box

Observe, many beautiful scraps, and the buttoned hat 23

This is a catch-up hat for the few days I’ve missed. I’ve used another of my grandmother’s buttons, so it’s antique. I knit 3 rows of grey, then purled one row of white, and so on. The effect is quite bizarre, and makes it look kind of square when you see it from the front. Proper pattern for knitting flat is below.

I thought you’d also like to see how the scraps box is getting emptier, and the kinds of colours and yarns I have to work with.

I am tired and manky today, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of the day but it won’t involve much moving. I have some sewing up of some socks to do and I just can’t because I’m full of manky mank. Ahhh, doomful CFS!

I will stop whinging now.


To knit flat. Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Knit in a different colour.

Repeat rows 1-4, 3 or 4 times. Then knit 2 together all the way along the row twice, so you have 7 stitches left, and thread the tail through the remaining stitches. Pull tight and sew down the side. Attach button to taste.

Hat 22: To mark a new tattoo

Green and black striped hat with a button.

You can see the envelopes I'm making from maps in the background 🙂

Three days I’ve not knitted a hat for.  Eep. I’m going to make up the numbers, hopefully I can do another hat later on today. It’s all because of this house-hunting.

This particular hat used up the last of some black, and some vegetable-dyed local yarn, and I put a button on it to celebrate my new tattoo. The tattoo artist took a photo because she likes to remember unusual choices. Yes, I am strange. I really hope I continue to be strange for many years to come, otherwise it just won’t suit me any more!

In the background you can see some awesome recycled envelopes made from out-of-date maps; I’m really pleased because I’ve wanted to make map envelopes for a while, and I just found a map book from 1986 that no one will want, with ideal paper. You should be able to find them soon in my Coriandr shop.

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