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Hats 29 and 30: Surprise hats

One blue-and-white, one pink-and-white

Laziness prompts me to get two hats into one shot again.

These are surprise hats for different reasons. The blue and white one is to surprise you, since you thought that I’d knitted loads of hats today and wouldn’t bother doing any more. The pink and white one surprised me, as I found it in the bottom of the box – I made it earlier today and missed it. Since they’re both made from some more of that Denim Tweed, they lose surprise-points – I’ve got loads of it, can you tell? Also, I like it and it makes good hats.

So I’m all caught up, and only have to knit one tomorrow! Oh, life, you are crazy and unpredictable.

Hats 26, 27 and 28: Unbalanced

Rowan Tapestry ribbed, blue Sirdar Denim Tweed with two white stripes and a green and blue eco-yarn.

It was hard to take the photo without the top one falling off!

Today I had a blissful, uninterrupted period of silence and solitude, in my friend’s house. She’s kindly told me that I can stay with her in tough times, and so I knitted three little hats. From the bottom up:

  • Rowan Tapestry with 2×2 ribbing
  • Blue Sirdar Denim Tweed, with two white stripes of the same yarn.
  • Another green and blue one made from that eco-wool from Greenfibres.

So now I am two hats behind, and should knit three tomorrow. I am having a delicious duvet day tomorrow, which is probably a good thing as there’s weather warnings and suchlike. So I hope to get at least two done. 🙂

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