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Hat 77: New Year’s Night Cap

Tiny hat made from pink and purple variegated yarn, plus bobble and loo roll backing dancer

I have a cold.

This hat is made from yarn that (gasp!) isn’t from the scraps box. I’m actually running pretty low on scraps – if you have any endy balls lying about that you’d like to post to me… 😉

The yarn is this 100% acrylic stuff that I tried to make socks from but it failed so badly, and now I’m turning it into a 1×1 rib scarf for Sir Kirsdy. I’d post a WIP photo, but it’s nearly finished, so I might as well post a finished photo. Maybe even a photo of Sir Kirsdy wearing the scarf? Intriguing. The ideas just keep coming.

Oh oh oh and I’m all up to date with the hat-knitting, and can commence my New Year’s Eve celebration preparations! Thank goodness. 🙂

Hats 75 and 76: Bribbly

Two hats with horizontal ribs in a weird beige colour

Kirsty's scarf is somewhat invisible there...

In an attempt to catch up, I’ve been watching Reaper and chuckling, and also knitting little hats. I’ve done two, so if I do one more today I’m sorted and all set up for 2010. It’s in that weird Bergere de France “Berlande”, which is all bobbly. Also there are ribs. Hence, bribbly.

I knew you’d approve!

74: Minus bobble

Green, blue and yellow striped hat


This one told me that it didn’t want a bobble, so I left it off. I am way behind on the hats.


Hat 73: The one from Sven’s foot

A little purple and blue bobble hat, plus Rosa the Kitteh

Rosaface shows the itty bitty hat some love

This is the one from Sven’s foot, as mentioned in the previous post. Rosa likes it, but since it’s quite bright in the living room, she has her scary snake-like pupils on so it’s hard to tell whether she approves.

Hats 68-72: One is absent on Sven’s foot

Five hats and a spirally cushion

The cushion was given to me by my sister, Amy 🙂

My sister gave me this pair of cushions and it turns out they totally match the wallpaper!

More to the point, I knitted a hat every day while I was away for my holidays, and here’s all but one. The first hat I knit got left at Sven’s house, and we took a photo of the hat on his foot, but we forgot to blog. DOOM.

Sven’s brought it back to Swansea though, and when I’ve got it back I’ll blog it. My parents are staying, and my mum says she looks at my blog regularly and sees the weeny hats! She also saw masses of hats in Sainsburys. She has a special mention. 😉

Hat 67: I am so lazy

Stripey hat, very dark fuzzy photo, sorry!


What can I say? I’m feeling a bit manky, I’ve got quite a lot to do and I’m going to visit my family for Christmas tomorrow, so I just can’t be bovvered to take a proper photo.

Rest assured that in real life, this hat is stunning. Beautiful beyond words. It has an ethereal energy that made Rosa cry, and she’s a cat so it even transcends species.

Hat 66: Giraffeness

Blurry striped hat, made from odd scraps, plus lovely recycled pipe lamp with giraffe cut-out

Many lovely yet invisible colours

I’m really sorry for the horrendous level of clarity here. It’s late, my bedroom has a strip-light that I hate, this is the brightest lamp I have.

Giraffes seem to pop up a lot in my life – not actual giraffes. I have one experience of a close-up giraffe, and I remember that it smelled really… giraffey.

But people seem to give me giraffe things. I have a lamp, a rug, a finger-puppet (hi, BJ!) and a little wooden thing for my door, among numerous other things.

Anyway, here is the lamp, bought for me by my parents. And also the hat, which is multi-coloured and made from really small leftover scraps.

I am actually finally up to date, and I have written up that checklist so I can see really easily how many hats I need to knit. Organisation, how I have missed you.

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