Hat 49: Recycled slippers

Hat with a bobble on a string

Three cool things

Annie, who I am staying with, has some amazing Primark furry slipper-boots. They are super comfy, but sadly the two pairs of bobbles fell off! :O Onoes!

She very kindly gave them to me for the hat-knitting cause, so I thought today would be a good day to show one of them off. I have three left.

Please note two really awesome potential Christmas presents in the background that your friends and family will always appreciate. The first is some Divine fair trade chocolate, which is coffee-flavoured and delicious. (I don’t even like coffee.) The second is Bananagrams, which is THE COOLEST GAME EVER. It is compact, fun and quick to play, and will appeal to anyone who likes words and such.

I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my new knitting pattern, called Button Vines. It’s for a pair of chunky wristwarmers with cables and buttons on, and you can download the pattern for free on Ravelry or you can pay a leetle bit of money on Coriandr if you’re not on Rav. 🙂

I have a manky cold so I’m going to rest now. Nighty night.

ETA: The weeny hats were clogging up the box again, and the hatometer (link to the right) has been stuck below the target for a good few weeks now, so I thought I might as well send them off and such. A nice fresh start for my new flat seems like a good idea. They’re all parceled up, and I will try to post them tomorrow. There were 31! 🙂

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