Hat 65: Introducing space

Random mismatched stripes again

Notice awesome books and empty bottle

A wise lady recently reminded me, unknowingly and in her awesome crafty blog, that it’s important to make space for things. So I decided to make a start on the new smoothie bottle – you will notice in the photo the complete lack of colourful scraps within.

I’m using up the very endy bits, and I just wanted to make sure that you know that you’re not supposed to use a different colour every two rows when using circular needles. It is murder. It doesn’t hold together at all. From now on, only knit flat when using such small amounts, okay?

Now that you know this, I can sleep soundly in my bed, assured that you won’t make the same life-wrecking mistake that I took two hats to work out.


ETA: One more hat to do today. It’s nearly midnight, but I want to do a bit of knitting before bed. Then I’m going to start a checklist so it’s easy to see how many hats to knit when I get ahead or behind.

1 Response to “Hat 65: Introducing space”

  1. 1 Hannah December 21, 2009 at 8:44 am

    Wise lady eh? Blimey!

    I am muchly glad to be given your wisdom in return, although I would like to add that I once made some glubs knitted on straight needles where each scrap lasted less than row, and that was a bugger too.

    Lovelovelove H x

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