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Hat 67: I am so lazy

Stripey hat, very dark fuzzy photo, sorry!


What can I say? I’m feeling a bit manky, I’ve got quite a lot to do and I’m going to visit my family for Christmas tomorrow, so I just can’t be bovvered to take a proper photo.

Rest assured that in real life, this hat is stunning. Beautiful beyond words. It has an ethereal energy that made Rosa cry, and she’s a cat so it even transcends species.

Hat 66: Giraffeness

Blurry striped hat, made from odd scraps, plus lovely recycled pipe lamp with giraffe cut-out

Many lovely yet invisible colours

I’m really sorry for the horrendous level of clarity here. It’s late, my bedroom has a strip-light that I hate, this is the brightest lamp I have.

Giraffes seem to pop up a lot in my life – not actual giraffes. I have one experience of a close-up giraffe, and I remember that it smelled really… giraffey.

But people seem to give me giraffe things. I have a lamp, a rug, a finger-puppet (hi, BJ!) and a little wooden thing for my door, among numerous other things.

Anyway, here is the lamp, bought for me by my parents. And also the hat, which is multi-coloured and made from really small leftover scraps.

I am actually finally up to date, and I have written up that checklist so I can see really easily how many hats I need to knit. Organisation, how I have missed you.

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