Hat 81: Weirdo bobble

Orange and blue striped hat, with some purple in the bobble

Bye bye, Cathay

Here is a hat with a very odd bobble. I ran out of that orange Debbie Bliss “Cathay” just as I was getting to the end of the bobble-winding, and so I topped it up with the yarn that was closest, and it was purple.

I knew you’d approve!

A couple of lovely people on the Random Acts of Kindness UK forum on Ravelry have kindly offered to send me some yarn, so I hope to be somewhat replenished in a couple of days. Hurrah!

Also, in other news, I wrote a really awesome spreadsheet for calculating the number of stitches you need to cast on for toe-up, short row heel socks. It fits the whole pattern on to one A4 page! I am itching to try it for myself with some Noro sock yarn, but I have to finish this pot holder for my aunt and uncle first…

2 Responses to “Hat 81: Weirdo bobble”

  1. 1 Rejser til Finland February 8, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    OP: I might be daff (lord knows I have been told lol) but that made totally no sense what so ever…

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