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Hats 101 & 102: Guest blogger Kirsty takes the stage

One pink and red bobble hat, and one with a ridiculous fringe, on Kirsty's big toes

Kirsty says I can put whatever I like for a caption, soooo... Kirsty smellz

Well, my feet are famous. I wonder whether there are people that can tell things about a person from their feet? Maybe there’s someone who can tell that I’m funny, clever and an altogether desirable person. I’m modest too. 😛 I think the main thing you can tell about me from my feet in this picture is that my feet are quite cold. That would be true. I’ve been wearing some of Lottie’s very warm socks, and my feet struggled to cope with the sudden change in temperature when the photo was taken. Still, you have to suffer for fame and fortune.

According to the title that Lottie typed in, these are hats 101 and 102, which is pretty cool, really. They’re celebration hats, because they were knitted after Lottie found out that the Big Knit was definitely going to be on. Yay! I have a weakness for the red and pink stripey one, but that’s because I picked the colours. It is very pretty though. 🙂 I also like the mad wool a lot, so I approve of the other hat, too. Lottie ordered me a stamp which says ‘Approved by Kirsty’, and these hats totally deserve a stamp.

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