Hats 117 and 118: eBook readers FTW

Red striped bobble hat, blue hat with silly fringe, and eBook reader

Rawr! Isn't it pretty? Oh look, some hats too...

So, over 2000 hits on that sock listing, and that’s exciting to me still!

More to the point, I’ve done a couple more hats today. One is red and slightly different red, for the upcoming Valentine thing. In honour of that, I bought a couple of custom cards from Dig The Earth, and threw the biodegradable plastic packaging in the compost bin. I reckon that will please Mr. Dig, as his good eco-intentions have come full circle! I will also be making a card. 🙂

The other has a silly fringe, and there’s not much else I can say about it.

So now to move on to this other thing, that I tried to fit into a tweet but it was a bit of a squish.

E-book reader. Wonderful invention. If I want to read lying down in bed, it’s light so it doesn’t make my wrist ache. It doesn’t have a spine, so I don’t give my thumb cramp holding the thing open. It’s got adjustable text size so if my eyes get tired it’s easier to read when embiggened. If it’s cold outside of the duvet, I don’t have to move my arms at all to turn the page. The battery lasts for THREE MONTHS! And with a card reader I can play with the folders and such to my heart’s content. (If I had a PC instead of a Mac I wouldn’t even need the card reader.) Also, it was much cheaper than the other ones on the market, and it was from Waterstone’s.

Naturally, I will not be giving up books. It’s the smell of the pages, always.

2 Responses to “Hats 117 and 118: eBook readers FTW”

  1. 1 Dig The Earth February 11, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    Nice hats 😀

    Thank you so much for the mention!

    The worms in my wormbin still haven’t started munching through my biodegradable bags, they prefer teabags and carrot tops at the moment. 😀

    • 2 Lottie February 11, 2010 at 11:34 pm

      Awwww, bless them! To be fair, they don’t look very tasty! 😉 Apparently they slow down a lot in the cold, too, poor things. Anyway, you’re welcome! 🙂

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