Hats 122-125: Exciting times!

Four hats in a row - purple, blue, red and green/blue/yellow

Criminal hat line-up. "Yes, officer, the purple one on the left, that was him"

Voila! All up to date! Today’s blog post features a couple of hats with silly fringey bits, one that’s ribbed for her… ahem… Valentine’s Day, and a purple one by the Frantabulous Frances, who came to visit and knitted a little hat for me!

I also like to show the box of wool every once in a while, which is getting visibly emptier as I keep up with my one-a-day promise. Every time I get to the end of the ball, I have a rummage through the stock from RAKs, and pop it in the box. It’s always nice to have a new colour or fibre to work with.

Anyway, now I can carry on with the new sock yarn blanket and the Gryffindor sock I’ve been knitting for ages! (Both of those are Rav links.)

PS: That sock listing has over 5,000 views now! That’s 689 views per day! Every once in a while, I find someone who’s linking to the post, and it makes me goggle my eyes. 😀

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