Hats 141 and 142: For the auto-condimentors out there

Two hats, each on a salt/pepper grinder, and a very blue sky

Nom. Omnomnomnom.

It’s a beautiful day! So I left the top of the photo in, to show you. 🙂

Anyway, voila. Two hats, I made them last night, I’m still four hats behind. I should be able to catch up a little bit more today. I may also do a bit more on my shawl. Then I would like to get some fresh air, perhaps by going for a bimble in a direction I have never bimbled in before.

In these hats, I don’t know where but there is definitely some King Cole Merino DK, I think this was the grey-blue stripe on the left, bouncy. And there is also some Patons DK, I think that’s the blueyness on the left, which is gorgeous! I am dubious about the naturalness of the fibre and dyes, but the colours are so rich and bright. Who knew dark colours could also be bright? So that’s probably Patons DK, but it might not be.

Anyway, love to all the auto-condimentors! (That’s people who put condiments, such as salt and pepper, on their food before even tasting it.)

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