Hats 145 to 148: Dregs

Four hats on a bookshelf, perched on top of the books, with a card covered in cakes

Snippet of my life


So, I’ve done a few more hats. The three on the right were using up the really tiny bits of wool. I had admitted to myself that these little tiny bits were never going to make good hats, so I just gave up and modged them all together. It really went all to pot when I had to use up a tiny bit of red on top of a greyish purple hat.

So the one on the left is the organised one, which is made of wool from bigger balls, now that all the scrappy bits are gone. The one on the far right used up the last of the scrummy black Garthenor Organic Shetland DK, which is what colour the sheep was, unbleached and undyed.

I’m only two hats behind!

This is a little peek into my life, which mostly revolves around knitting and books, until I am well enough to have a job again. It could be a while, but I’ve got plenty to read until then. These books are on my To Be Read shelf, and it’s about a fifth of my total TBR, and almost all of them were free from somewhere or other. My usual sources are BookCrossing and BookMooch, and I even got one on Ravelry once. 🙂 You can spy on what I’m reading over on GoodReads.com.

The card was sent to me by someone I’ve been knitting for recently – she very kindly sent me a sweet card and a box of chocolates to say thank you. Bless!

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