Very Exclusive Item

Green and orange striped hat with matching bobble, blue fringe and purple ear-flaps

Classy; it's modeled on a bottle of cheap cider to emphasise the futility of capitalism.

I first met Roger in Milan, darling, at a fashion show that he was hosting. At the time he was just starting out, and now he’s so fabulous that he has to avoid the public eye at all costs. Last time he went to a show the paparazzi turned up and two guests died in the rush of fans. To avoid further fatalities, he had to get plastic surgery so that he wouldn’t get mobbed. Obviously I can’t show a photo of his current appearance, but you’ll surely recognise his previous visage.

Anyway, he was kind enough to design this beautiful piece for me, and dedicated fans will recognise his style. We have fluorescent orange and green stripes, with a blue/yellow/purple fringe and matching purple earflaps. The green and orange bobble accents the overall look, I think.

This is actually Edna Mode from "The Incredibles", in   case you have that tip-of-the-tongue thing going on.

Don't bother looking for him, he doesn't look like this any more

He’s keeping it for his egg, which is why it doesn’t count towards the final 365, but I feel privileged to have made such an exclusive item. Ta, Rog. 😀

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