Hats 174 – 176: Seedlings are go

Three striped bobble hats in front of three pots, one containing large round leaves of courgette seedlings.


Life has been good to me for the last few days, and today my body is being bad to me! This means that for the last few days, I’ve had enough energy to do all kinds of fun things, like go to a gathering on the beach at night and stoke the fire, and can you believe it, I’ve not had much time to knit hats. (I did knit a couple while watching Doctor Who though.) I’ve also been gardening, which has been wonderful. For a CFSy person, to get enough energy to do everything you’d like to do for one day, that is just stunning. It was a very joyful day. 🙂

But today, I am feeling manky, and my hands are covered in cuts from the gardening, so ironically I am unable to knit hats today, as well. Here’s what I’ve got so far, and I’m two hats behind.

As you can see, while I’ve been weeding in the garden, I’ve also been sowing seeds indoors. My huge window with a gorgeous view is south-facing, which means my living room can get a lot like a greenhouse. I’ve got seedlings for lavender coming through, and some fascinatingly purple beetroot leaves are starting to show. The most successful so far is my courgette batch; maybe because they’re so big, the leaves are growing really quickly. I’ve got a mini-greenhouse to assemble when I start planting things out in the garden, and there’s lots of space in the garden now I’ve done all that weeding. I cannot wait to have fresh veggies without having to walk to the shops. 🙂 (Spoken like a true fatigued person!) If you want to read about my gardening stuff, you can have a look at my Dreamwidth pages. And if you want to see how my garden is right now, there’s a little set on Flickr for my April gardening adventures so far, with helpful tags so you can tell what everything is.

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