Hats 177 and 178: Blanket enjoyment

Two hats and a sleepy kitty on a patchwork knitted blanket.


Turns out that episodes of House were fun, but more fun if I knit at the same time. This one was the one about Cuddy saving the day. I like Cuddy, I’m glad she ended up happy.

Anyway, I also sewed six more squares onto my blanket. I was putting it off ‘cos it’s usually boring, but today I kind of was forced into it because I couldn’t knit, hole in my thumb. So I did it while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And wow, it seems so much bigger and more snuggly! And Mazzlestar made two of the squares and dravenxiv made a funkeh diagonal one; these are definitely the coolest in the row.

Now I’m watching Fringe, and I would just like to say, ick. But I’ve done these two hats, turns out I just needed to switch to English/throwing style to take the pressure off the hole in the thumb, and I’m really enjoying the combination of brown and blue. And once again I am all up to date. 🙂 Rosaface enjoys the blanket, anyway.

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