Hats 180 and 181: Watery beautifulness

Two striped hats and a pot of courgette plants

No comparison, amirite?

Several of you will be rejoicing, because I now seem to have a steady hobby besides knitting. That’s right folks, it’s gardening. I am becoming an old lady, and the scary thing is, I don’t mean that in a bad way. See pictured four little courgette plants, which when they have a couple more leaves will be wedged into my garden. I thought it would be fun to post a faux-time-lapse thingy on Flickr, so I have a set there where I’ll put a photo of my garden from the same angle once a week, and then if you view them as a slide show you can see my stuff grow. I am excited about this out of all proportion.

Anyway, hats. The one on the left is pretty groovy, as I’m never sure quite what to do with that Bergere de France Berlande stuff. But the one on the right is a mix of acrylic and a lovely light fluffy mohair, and it’s so pretty! It is as though the sea went all ephemeral. You would love it if you could see it in person. I hope you get it on a smoothie in November.

Innit, though? Amirite?

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