Hats 192 and 193: Leave me alone

Two striped bobble hats

That one at the front is a bit floopy, must also be sleepy?

Hello world! Did you experience a #boobquake today? In honour of science, I wore a top that didn’t go all the way up to my neck, it was strangely liberating.

Very soon I am going to visit Franland, which is in the distant north. Until that time, I expect to have Old Lady Legs, a condition whereby my hips and legs are a bit achy and horrible-feeling, pretty much constantly. It doesn’t make my life hell or anything, but it makes me a bit grumpy and severely impedes my motivation when it comes to getting off my bum (US: ass) and getting things done or going places or whatever.

Until I start to be a bit more social, please be captivated by these beautiful examples of hatdom. One is blue and brown, and one is pink-peach with a fascinating yarn that looks a totally different colour depending on what colours it’s next to. So I don’t actually know what colour it is!

My universe is shaken, and I know yours is too.

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