Hat 203: Secret Shenannigans

A hat, a ring, a business card and a little box

Sorry for the awful photo, I couldn't get my hand to stay still!

So. This hat is somewhat delayed. It’s all because of a top secret project that I can probably tell you about tomorrow. But I’m quite excited about it, and Squeezy is too.

Recently I bought a ring from AliBali Jewellery. I love it so much. It’s just sterling silver, quite plain in shape, but it’s got a leaf pattern on it! I’ve never really been into jewellery, but I fell in love with this and bought it as soon as funds allowed. I’m kind of tempted by the bark patterned one too, but I am more than happy with this one. It came in a cute little box, with a business card, and it was pretty speedy considering it was made to order. So, take a look!

ETA: Rosa is such a pest today! She has been systematically climbing on top of the box on the coffee table and reaching through a tiny gap and somehow extracting the tiny hats from their home and dropping them on the floor… and then doing it all over again. Now I have to find them all. It doesn’t matter how much I put them back or move her or chase her or anything, she’s just nuts.

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