Hats 218 to 223: Readathon

6 hats and a copy of "Lord Sunday" by Garth Nix

The hats are sleepy, also

It’s been an interesting few days, most notably that someone is expecting me and others to knit for her for 39p per hour (hah!), and I’m going to be teaching knitting at the local women’s centre.

Most of the women there are eager to learn, a couple have already done a little bit of basic stuff, and so it will be me in a room full of women. It may be a day for the giant knitting needles that I used on the Fourth Plinth.

We’re probably going to start basic, and knit squares for a blanket. After that maybe we’ll try a few increases or decreases, and we’re hoping to try a few smoothie hats. After that, who knows? We’re going to play it by ear. 🙂

Today the BookCrossing readathon starts. Anyone who’s interested in challenging themselves to new feats of sitting-on-the-sofa, tea-and-a-blanket endurance can spend the next seven days trying to read for 24 hours – it can be all in one go, or spread out over the week. I am off to an unexpectedly good start, because for weeks I’ve planned to go and see the awesome Reginald D Hunter do his live stand-up thing tonight. This morning I felt fine, and at 4pm I was in bed and wondering how I was going to make myself dinner from my bedroom.

Bright side, I am really enjoying this last in the 7-part series by Garth Nix! Enforced hermitdom is pretty sucky, but it’s not like I’m locked in an iron maiden or anything. *Bill-and-Ted air guitar*

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