Hats 286 to 288: Left to Bees

Three hats, one stripy and two with fuzzy brims, plus a CD called "Bones" by Left to Bees

Ooooooo it's pretty, yes? You should buy one!

Here is the new Left to Bees CD, which is fantastic. It has five (yes, five!) beautiful songs, and I like the drumming bits. I think I like their cover of “Young Henry Martin”, because it’s about pirates, but they’re all gorgeous.

They also designed the whole thing, and have combined their artistic talents to make a really beautiful sleeve thingy, with all the song lyrics inside, which are epic.

Left to Bees are Hannah and Lloyd, who are @citrusgirrl and @quixoticwasp on Twitter. The MySpace page for Left to Bees has some of their songs on it, and the Twitter account is here.

So, you know what? You should totally buy the CD. Not only is it really important to support indie artists directly rather than through other people like iTunes or Spotify, it is also really important to support lovely people. And I can confirm that Hannah makes a fantastic tortilla and Lloyd has the most incredible fingernails. You should ask them both about these things when you buy their CD, £3 in person or £4 posted.

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