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Hats 339 to 342: Onbags are great.

Four hats positioned around a shoulder-bag.

See the detached straps? Genius.

I’ve been getting a bit behind with hats, and killing my shoulders, because I’ve been making an Onbag. Here is a post on my creative blog about why they’re great.

Guest-blogger Frances: Fluff Monster

Blue, and very fuzzy.

RAWR! (Eet haz leetle eyes in there, I swearz)

This is from some MAD wool that Mr Jโ€™s mum gave me for Christmas, she gave me about 12 small balls of it so Iโ€™m going to have to find more uses for it. Itโ€™ll keep a smoothie bottle very warm and toasty ๐Ÿ™‚

(Note from the editor: Ohai! I’m going offline for a week, but I’ll be back and hatting soon. Thank you for your patience!)

Hats 336 to 338: Sewing

Three hats on a sewing box in front of a sewing machine. One striped bobble hat, one spotty hat and one pink hat with a darker pink heart on it.

Knitted things on a sewing box? Controversial.

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately. When I moved house, or thereabouts, my mum gave me this ancient Singer sewing machine. I managed to sew through a finger due to a fateful combination of foot pedal and some bad co-ordination in my youth, so a hand-powered, carbon-neutral, weighs-a-tonne, second hand hippie approach is probably safest for everyone involved.

So far, I’ve mostly been fixing things and catching up on neglected promises. This draft excluder has also been made, several months later than I thought of it. (BurdaStyle is a bit like Ravelry for sewing projects. Still not so easy to navigate though, but it has potential.)

Inspired by the wedding yesterday, the pink hat has a heart on it. Awwwwwww.

Hats 333 to 335: Sloppy

Three hats perched on three fingers. All are striped, two have bobbles.


I am exhausted! I went to this awesome wedding yesterday, and met loads of amazing people, and got in at nearly midnight last night, and I am now experiencing jelly bones. But it was worth it, because today my heart is full of lurrrrrve and also probably rubbish breakfast cereal, which is what I have been subsisting on since I don’t have the energy to prepare food or even reheat food in a microwave today. Tomorrow I will feel better though.

Hats 325 to 332: Classical

Eight hats on a sunny table.

Up in the a.m.? Moi?

I’ll tell you what, it’s a miracle I’m getting all these hats done. I’ve just got to do one today and I’m sorted. This is all because of all these workshops for the housing co-op. Normally I don’t knit in meetings, but workshops are more in-depth and not as fast-moving, and I don’t have to wave my hands about as much.

Last night I was up proper late, at the last night of the proms in Singleton Park. It was fantastic! I salsa’d (or something not at all like it) to Doctor Who, among other things. And I got home late, and I am awake and alert in the morning! This is strange. I kind of like it.

Hats 322 to 324: Radical Hats

Three hats with fuzzy brims. Two are striped and one has a spiral decrease at the top.

So much floof

You’ll be glad to know that I’m slowly working through the hideous floofy yarn for the brims. I am still four hats behind, but I did all of these yesterday while I was at my friends’ place. We’re setting up a housing co-op together, and yesterday we had a visit from someone from Radical Routes just to check out how far through the application process we were, and to see if we had any questions, etc etc. It was really interesting!

If you’re interested in living in shared housing in an affordable way, you should absolutely check out Radical Routes. When we’ve set ourselves up, it’ll mean that all of the people in our group will be able to share bills and cooking, we’ll basically be our own landlords, and we’ll have costs that are nicely reduced so we can all be activists in our increased spare time. When we’ve got a website up, I will let you know the address.

On that subject, Dragonfly in Oxford are looking for a new co-op member. Are you interested?

Hats 319 to 321: HUGE BOX OF HATS

Three striped hats, one with a bobble
Don’t let the Pampers box fool you, these are hats

That box, it doesn’t contain nappies. Oh no. It contains…

274 tiny hats in a Pampers box.

274 tiny hats!!!!!!!!

The deadline is just over a month away, and I know that if I was a smoothie hat counter I wouldn’t want them all to arrive on the deadline. So I’m posting these off in the hope that the empty shelf space will give me the motivation to knit the remaining hats.

I am going to be sa- wait, no. I am going to be VERY VERY HAPPY to see these hats go.

Three bags and two shoe boxes full of tiny hats
This is how I’ve been storing them, the open box is the one I chuck them in before I count and bag them.

There aren’t 321 hats here because back in the day I posted a few off after the last deadline to help them make up the numbers in 2009. This is what I’ve done since, and I’m actually quite proud.

Hats 315 to 318: The end is near…?

Four hats in a row, three have stripes and bobbles and one has a fluffy brim.

They're in a queue to go to Innocent in London! Squee?

I got these four done in a meeting today, thank goodness I’m not as behind as I was… These hats are great because now I’ve done over 300 I can do them without thinking, unlike my other projects on the go right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m thinking that since the hats I’ve done so far are taking up so much space, perhaps clearing them all out by for example posting them to Innocent might give me the boost I need to make the last 47?

Guest-blogger Frances is back! Bobbles…

A yellow hat with a big blue bobble and a green hat with a big pink and blue bobble.


More Ms Fran creations today. These two are bobbled and a bit short and fat but they do the job ๐Ÿ™‚ The green wool feels quite icky โ€“ itโ€™s very stiff but I was trying to use it up so it became a hat!

Hats 312 to 314: Gone

I have been ridonkulously busy, but now I am taking a few days to get stuff done and be a hermit. Here is a photo of three hats and a homemade swift I need for a current project.

A cardboard-and-jar swift, with three striped hats balanced on top.

Slightly floppy, but it does the job and it's cheap!

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