Hats 319 to 321: HUGE BOX OF HATS

Three striped hats, one with a bobble
Don’t let the Pampers box fool you, these are hats

That box, it doesn’t contain nappies. Oh no. It contains…

274 tiny hats in a Pampers box.

274 tiny hats!!!!!!!!

The deadline is just over a month away, and I know that if I was a smoothie hat counter I wouldn’t want them all to arrive on the deadline. So I’m posting these off in the hope that the empty shelf space will give me the motivation to knit the remaining hats.

I am going to be sa- wait, no. I am going to be VERY VERY HAPPY to see these hats go.

Three bags and two shoe boxes full of tiny hats
This is how I’ve been storing them, the open box is the one I chuck them in before I count and bag them.

There aren’t 321 hats here because back in the day I posted a few off after the last deadline to help them make up the numbers in 2009. This is what I’ve done since, and I’m actually quite proud.

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