Hats 322 to 324: Radical Hats

Three hats with fuzzy brims. Two are striped and one has a spiral decrease at the top.

So much floof

You’ll be glad to know that I’m slowly working through the hideous floofy yarn for the brims. I am still four hats behind, but I did all of these yesterday while I was at my friends’ place. We’re setting up a housing co-op together, and yesterday we had a visit from someone from Radical Routes just to check out how far through the application process we were, and to see if we had any questions, etc etc. It was really interesting!

If you’re interested in living in shared housing in an affordable way, you should absolutely check out Radical Routes. When we’ve set ourselves up, it’ll mean that all of the people in our group will be able to share bills and cooking, we’ll basically be our own landlords, and we’ll have costs that are nicely reduced so we can all be activists in our increased spare time. When we’ve got a website up, I will let you know the address.

On that subject, Dragonfly in Oxford are looking for a new co-op member. Are you interested?


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