Hats 343 and 344: Spirals pattern

One pink hat with spiral lace pattern, one blue and pink striped hat with blue bobble.


Check it out, I have found a new favourite hat pattern! It is the spiral. Here it is for your knitting pleasure. The observant among you will notice that I have 8 days to knit 21 hats. My shoulder is still very painful. I may cry.

Spiral Hat

Note: yo = yarnover. k2tog = knit two stitches together. ssk = slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over and off needle. (It’s like a decrease slanting to the left.)

Cast on 28 stitches. K 3 rows.

Row 4: K3, yo, ssk. Repeat until the end of the round.

Row 5: P.

Row 6: K1, [yo, ssk, k3] 6 times, k3.

Row 7: P.

Keep doing this. You should have 28 stitches on every row throughout. Each knit row, knit the stitch above the hole/yarnover, then do a yarnover, then ssk.

When you’ve done 14 rows of lace, k2tog on each knit row until you’ve got 7 stitches, and then thread the tail through the remaining stitches and use it to sew up the side of the hat. Done!

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