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Hats 362 to 365: Done

Four spiral hats, and a checklist with all the boxes ticked.


This is kind of a big deal. Since I got ill, I’ve not really been able to have any long term goals. I am very proud of myself for being able to manage it, especially as I’ve been a being of very little patience up until now.

These are my last hats, and I’ll be sending them off as part of the final batch of 44 tiny hats. The Innocent hat-o-meter is already up to 315,000; nice work, general public!

And now to decide what to do with the rest of my life, which will in fact not be the same from this moment on.

I plan to throw myself wholeheartedly into starting this housing co-operative here in Swansea with my friends, and I’ll be putting in 16 hours per week for social change to become a member of Radical Routes. We’ve found a house we love, and we’re in need of investment, so if you’d like to get some money back with interest in a few years please check out this page.

I plan to grow lots of food, knit lots of beautiful things and commit some random acts of kindness. [blog]

And, more than anything, I plan to get better from CFS and be able to do things again. I want to walk from Swansea to Leicester to see my mum, even though I know it’ll take a few weeks. I want to have a job one day that makes me happy and helps me to feel like part of things. And, obviously, I want to learn how to do Daft Hands.

Thank you to Fran and Kirsty for their encouragement and guest blog posts when things got slow, and thank you to everyone who donated yarn, especially Gina for the epic box of yarn! (The remaining yarn is being used in free knitting classes I’m giving.)

🙂 x

Hats 359 to 361: Four hats left

Three spiral hats in front of a view from my window, and behind a half-finished cross stitch.

Beautiful day, innit tho?

Four hats to go, and three days. I can do this.


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