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Hat 140: Daveness

Purple bobble hat, with light blue, grey/green and black bands.

See the resemblance?

This hat is in honour of Dave, who is lovely. Like Dave, this hat is funky, sexy, colourful and tasteful. It fits well and suits any situation.

It contains some light blue Rowan Cashsoft DK, which was (in my opinion) a little lighter than your average DK, a bit splitty but very silky and great stitch definition. There’s also some black King Cole DK Merino, which is lovely and soft, and heavier than the cotton I’ve been working with for the last week or so.

It’s enabled me to use up some of the little bits and bobs in the wool box. I really enjoyed knitting it. It even has a purple acrylic bobble on top, and was worth getting out the proper camera for.

Just like Dave.

Hats 98-100: Woo! Centhattery!

One with a fluffy brim, one with black stripes among pastel shades and one with a bobble

Can you tell by looking that it's hat 100? I can.

Speakerphone is a wonderful thing. It makes it seem like your friends are stuck in a tiny box covered in numbers, and you can chat to them and knit at the same time, like they’re right there with you. Trapped in a box.

The 100th hat was knitted while I was on the phone to Kirsdy, but my favourite is the black-and-pastel-shades hat. Mixing multi-coloured yarn with black yarn may be my new favourite thing. Also, it seems I’ve found a socially acceptable way to use up the horrendous blue hairy yarn. I cannot lose, today.

Happy weekend. 🙂

ETA: I am all up to date with the hats again!

Hat 91: Harry Potter but WRONG

White on black mohair, a very weird and not nice squiggle


Sir Kirsdy came over, and we watched Harry Potter, and it was good. This hat is a very sad/funny attempt at the Scar. Will try harder next time.

This mohair is from an EPIC box of yarn that was sent to me by Turtlegnome. She is an EXTREMELY GENEROUS person, and I am outrageously grateful. 🙂 I will blog about it as soon as I have the energy.

I’m two hats behind, I don’t think I’ll get them done today, my energy is all weighed down by DIY. But I hope to do some more tomorrow night, and blog about them on Monday.

Hat 84: Finished pot holder

Pot holder with colour-worked treble-clef, plus little hat knitted in the same brown and black yarn.

You can't see it in the photo, but the pot holder is propped on an avocado.

Heyyy, I finished a thing! It’s a pot holder for my aunt and uncle, as a late Christmas present. Here’s the Rav project page.

It’s made from some proper 100% organic undyed wool from Garthenor – that’s right people, the sheep come in those colours. Awesome.

There was a leetle tiny bit left, so I made it into a hat.

I WIN! 😀

ETA: Well, a bit of a not-win: I’m a hat behind, and still need to do one today, but I’ve been really busy and there’s more busy on the way so I might have to do two tomorrow again.

Hat 42: Musical grandmas

White hat with dark brown musical note in intarsia

Laaaaaaa! Mimimimi!

As kindly pointed out to me by Jzblue on Rav, there’s apparently a charity single out!

Click here for more info. 🙂


In honour of the event, I’ve done a musical note on a hat. The patterned section is 6 stitches wide, start on the fourth row thusly (rubbish chart worked from the bottom up):

o = black

– = white

– – – o – – 11

– – – o o – 10

– – – o – o 9

– – – o – – 8

– – – o – – 7

– – – o – – 6

– – – o – – 5

– o o o – – 4

o o o o – – 3

o o o o – – 2

– o o – – – 1

Hat 22: To mark a new tattoo

Green and black striped hat with a button.

You can see the envelopes I'm making from maps in the background 🙂

Three days I’ve not knitted a hat for.  Eep. I’m going to make up the numbers, hopefully I can do another hat later on today. It’s all because of this house-hunting.

This particular hat used up the last of some black, and some vegetable-dyed local yarn, and I put a button on it to celebrate my new tattoo. The tattoo artist took a photo because she likes to remember unusual choices. Yes, I am strange. I really hope I continue to be strange for many years to come, otherwise it just won’t suit me any more!

In the background you can see some awesome recycled envelopes made from out-of-date maps; I’m really pleased because I’ve wanted to make map envelopes for a while, and I just found a map book from 1986 that no one will want, with ideal paper. You should be able to find them soon in my Coriandr shop.

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