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Hats 162 to 165: Textured

Stroke screen for full texture appreciation

Voila, I am all up to date with the hats! I thought this day would never come! Two of them, the hats with purple in, are a fascinating combination of textures – the purple is rough, and the pink is smooth, slippery cotton. They’re great to feel with your eyes closed.

This is what I will be reading tonight, relevant, hey? Soon I’m going to be starting a Ravelry bookring, and this book will be registered on BookCrossing to make it easier to track.

Today I did epic planting and gardening, and now I’m watching Glee and working on my sock yarn blanket. I just watched the pilot of Glee, so for people who remember the closing song, here is a Spotify link for you.

Hats 95-97: I haven’t stopped… much

A shoe box with cute little yarn cakes, three hats and a book

The leetle hat on the far right is Jarol Hyde Park DK

Knittingnanny on Ravelry sent me this wonderful RAK package. I am really looking forward to the book, and when I’ve read it I’m going to set up a reading ring so that lots of people can have a go too. I’ll almost certainly register it on BookCrossing beforehand, though I think you won’t need to be a member to join in.

And I just love the bright colours! The yarns are wrapped up so prettily, it was a joy to open the box and see them all sat comfortably bundled up. Love (1).

So, big thank you to Knittingnanny, I am going to enjoy using this yarn.

Regarding the epic delay, I’ve been feeling pretty manky, and also excited about some projects of my own, so I am two hats behind. I am going to try to catch up this evening. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Click here for the sockulator to have a custom sock pattern.

First I finished a Noro sock, I have been dying to knit with the Noro stuff, because it has an awesome reputation. Anyone who knows me understands my revulsion at matching socks on my own feet, so I never have to knit the second sock of a pair. 🙂 Second sock syndrome? What is this?

Then I made a totally seamless hot water bottle cover that looks suspiciously like a crocodile, so I named him Brock. I may do a tail and some leg(gies), and write up the pattern for anyone who wants to make him too. 🙂

Blue hot water bottle cover, with EYES!


I promise, I will get back on track now.

ETA: Onoes! You can’t put links in captions, even though it acts like you can. Okay.

Sockulator (non-Rav link)

Jarol Hyde Park (Rav link)

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