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Hats 182 to 184: Biggles

Three striped hats with big bobbles, in the wool box


These hats are extremely bobbled.

With Big bobbles.


Hats 168 and 169: Craft Caddy from The Knitter

Pink folding box with 3 pockets, and two hats perched on it

Sleepy kitteh cameo

This is the free craft caddy I got with my £1-for-3-issues offer of The Knitter. 🙂 Admittedly, it smells of plastic for a few days after you unwrap it, but I’m finding it really useful because I can always locate the list to tick off the hats. Speaking of, check out the hats today! One has a go-faster stripe. I guess technically they *all* have go faster stripes, but hey, shhhh.

ETA: By the way, I have started the April Challenge on and it is really good! What a relief to get all this stuff out of my head when I start my day. Also, I am already a turkey. *beam*

Hat 84: Finished pot holder

Pot holder with colour-worked treble-clef, plus little hat knitted in the same brown and black yarn.

You can't see it in the photo, but the pot holder is propped on an avocado.

Heyyy, I finished a thing! It’s a pot holder for my aunt and uncle, as a late Christmas present. Here’s the Rav project page.

It’s made from some proper 100% organic undyed wool from Garthenor – that’s right people, the sheep come in those colours. Awesome.

There was a leetle tiny bit left, so I made it into a hat.

I WIN! 😀

ETA: Well, a bit of a not-win: I’m a hat behind, and still need to do one today, but I’ve been really busy and there’s more busy on the way so I might have to do two tomorrow again.

Hat 14: Chocolate and vanilla

Hat 14, 3 white stripes and 1 brown

Hat 14, as inspired by pre-blood test sugar intake

I am having some blood tests tomorrow morning, for CFS-related fun. Part of the deal here is that I can’t have anything except water after 9pm the night before, so at 8:55pm I had a chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice cream. This hat is inspired by this dull story. 🙂

The usual hat pattern, only with one brown stripe followed by three white ones. Mmmmm.

Tomorrow is 29th, the day before the deadline for sending in the hats – so I’ll be posting these 14 hats off tomorrow. I quite like the box getting emptier when I send the hats off – it’s so satisfying to see the scraps pile go down as the hat pile goes up, and then I send off all the hats and have room for more scraps! Hurrah!

Going to get blood taken counts as getting out more, right?

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