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Not my hats: Guest-blogger Frances takes the stage

Super-cute eco-hat with fascinating texture

Hello this is Fran, I want to blog a very special hat today 🙂 This was my first ever innocent smoothie hat. It was knitted under Lottie’s helpful supervision on a foggy day in lovely Wales. Sadly it never made it to innocent last year and has just been unearthed as I’m packing ready to move house. It was made with lovely eco wool (apparently) and it turned my fingers green!

Hat 13: With awesome project eco-bag

Awesome eco-bag for projects. Oh, and hat 13.

Awesome eco-bag for projects. Oh, and hat 13.

Amazingly, it was very convenient for me to take a photo of the leetle hat today! It’s a blue and white stripey number (that Denim Tweed again. That’s what scraps I’ve got right now, okay?), and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about this awesome eco-bag.

Reasons why this bag is awesome:

  • It’s from Boots for under £1.
  • It’s made from recycled plastic bottles. (Saves resources, saves space in landfill, saves energy, saves wildlife.)
  • It’s wider than it is tall, so you can see what’s in it really well.
  • It also doubles up as a lunch bag.

Buy one. As a hippie, I feel obliged to tell you about closed-loop recycling. It’s obviously very important to recycle – recycling one plastic bottle conserves enough energy to light a 60W light bulb for up to 6 hours. But it’s totally pointless unless it gets turned into something useful. And no company is going to turn waste plastic into something useful unless consumers demand it, by asking for it and then buying it when it turns up. This closes the loop of recycling, hence the name.

The hippies asked for more eco-friendly recycled products, and now Boots have started making these totally adorable lunch bags, so go and buy one right now! Seriously, they are exactly the right size for a sock project.

Hat 4: Environmentally pixily awesome

Made from eco-friendly wool etc.

Made from eco-friendly wool etc.

This hat is made from wool that was spun and dyed in South Wales using vegetable dyes – I bought it from Greenfibres. That means relatively low environmental impact in transport and materials. I originally made some fingerless typing gloves for Bash from this wool, and the scraps come in useful for a variety of activities – mostly hat-related!

I used a different decrease for the top of that hat, which is partly inspired by CitrusGirrl, aka Hannah, and her awesome pixie hats! I find it easier to knit in the round, but I will include instructions for both.

It’s probably relevant to note that this hat-knitting malarky is pretty good for saving the environment too, for the following reasons.

  • You use up scraps that might otherwise be thrown away
  • Before they do go to landfill, they raise money for charity and make people smile, making the landfill space work harder!
  • Lots of people save up their hats when they buy smoothies, and then send them back to Innocent to raise money all over again


Knit your hat as per usual. When you start to decrease:

Knitting flat

*SSK, knit 5* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*purl 4, p2tog* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*SSK, knit 3* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

Knitting in the round

*SSK, knit 5* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*SSK, knit 4* Repeat ’til the end of the row.


Etc. For both methods, keep going until you only have 4 stitches left, and then thread the tail through the remaining 4 stitches and pull tight. If you’re knitting flat, use rest of the tail to sew up the sides of the hat, too.

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