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Hats 272 to 278: Fluff, fighting and feminism

Seven hats on a wooden table. Six have very fluffy brims.

They look like if I press them they boing up into the air, yes?

Hello! Due to ill health, I am way behind on hats. And quite a lot of other things, too. Today is 285 and I’m therefore 7 hats behind. Uh-oh! I’m sorry, innocent. Life is difficult right now. But I’m working on it. 🙂 I’ve used up one ball of crazy eyelash yarn from Hannah, and now I’m on the next, which is surprisingly soft and fluffy. I also made a hat with a blue and green chessboard pattern, no floofy brim, while watching fun movies with the lovely QuixoticWasp.

Today, I have been exploring various feminist issues, most notably cat-calling.

In our culture, it’s okay (if you’re a man) to shout at women in the street, from your car, whatever. It’s not encouraged, as far as I know, but it’s accepted. Why?

Things it is not

  • Flattering.
  • Funny.
  • Clever.

Things it is

  • Obnoxious.
  • Intimidating.
  • Cowardly; it rarely happens when I’m with a man, only when I’m alone or with other women.
  • Likely to reduce your chances of getting laid.

I am very lucky, because I can’t think of any friends of mine who think it’s okay to do that. Still, they don’t fight back when it happens. Why not? Treating women like things, it’s not okay, right?

Sites that I’ve found interesting on this subject in the last couple of days include My Fault, I’m Female and Hollaback UK. The latter encourages women (and presumably men) to confront the men who cat-call, and take a photo in any way they can. The idea is that the photo and the circumstances will be posted on the blog. Statistically, we’re unlikely to run into any of the men on this blog, but I think the main purpose is to get women to confront the men who are taking their power, and to show the men that they can’t always be disrespectful without consequences.

So, a favour, please. 🙂 Whether you’re male or female, please tell your male friends if/when it comes up in conversation that women don’t like being cat-called. The logical result is that women won’t like you. And tell those male friends to tell their male friends. Such a simple idea, and it just goes to show how much a part of us it is, that I feel a bit stupid and apologetic asking you to do this, like encouraging you to treat women as equals is some kind of unreasonable inconvenience.

Hats 152-154: Multiple choice

Three hats on a box

Rawr! (That is my default caption if I can't think of anything else)

This photo, to me, looks like “pick one of these options” – would you like fluffy, a bobble, or just stripes?

Hats 98-100: Woo! Centhattery!

One with a fluffy brim, one with black stripes among pastel shades and one with a bobble

Can you tell by looking that it's hat 100? I can.

Speakerphone is a wonderful thing. It makes it seem like your friends are stuck in a tiny box covered in numbers, and you can chat to them and knit at the same time, like they’re right there with you. Trapped in a box.

The 100th hat was knitted while I was on the phone to Kirsdy, but my favourite is the black-and-pastel-shades hat. Mixing multi-coloured yarn with black yarn may be my new favourite thing. Also, it seems I’ve found a socially acceptable way to use up the horrendous blue hairy yarn. I cannot lose, today.

Happy weekend. 🙂

ETA: I am all up to date with the hats again!

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