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Not my hats: Guest-blogger Frances takes the stage

Super-cute eco-hat with fascinating texture

Hello this is Fran, I want to blog a very special hat today πŸ™‚ This was my first ever innocent smoothie hat. It was knitted under Lottie’s helpful supervision on a foggy day in lovely Wales. Sadly it never made it to innocent last year and has just been unearthed as I’m packing ready to move house. It was made with lovely eco wool (apparently) and it turned my fingers green!

Hats 107 & 108: Bleh

Multi-coloured stripes and ridiculous fringe - two hats


I’d like to say something interesting about these hats, but all I can think of is “Bleh”. I had some episodes of things to catch up on, which were very bleh, especially the last ever episode of Dollhouse. And I was just fulfilling my duties as a Big Knit knitter (two a day until I’m back on track), until I can kick back and do the nice relaxing things like have a bath, and try out the eBook reader, and such.

I do like the mad fringe, though. And I’m only 2 hats behind now.

Rosa is staring at me, so I’d better see what she wants. Kthxbai!

Hats 85 and 86: Trying out the new scraps

One orange blendy with bobble, one greeny-yellowy-bluey.

Sorry, rubbish photo again. I bought a cooker, that's my excuse.

I am exhausted. Today I bought a cooker. Life is hard.

I did, however, manage to knit a couple of hats, so I’m all up to date. A proper photo was too much effort, mind. I used the new yarns from pmcblonde, and they are so pretty! πŸ™‚ The blue-yellow-green one doesn’t make good bobbles though; it just doesn’t squish properly.

I have made a few things for other people lately, so now it’s time to knit for me. My new year’s resolution is to knit something for myself every other project unless deadlines interfere, so it’s time for some Noro socks.

Hats 82 and 83: Duvet day

Hat from new bluey-purple wool and green-and-blue hat

Mmmmmm duvet

The hat made from the new wool isn’t quite long enough, I will do it better next time, but it is so yummy to work with. πŸ™‚ It’s 50% wool, 50% acrylic – so it’s really rich and squooshable, but also indestructible!

I’m going to try it tomorrow with some other wool, in stripes, I think that would be fun. Because I have no life. πŸ˜‰ But you knew that.

ETA: Steve has just had a sneak peak into the dynamic process of blogging, and he’s blown away. In his post-climactic haze, he’s pointing out that I should point out that I’m all up to date with the hat knitting. Go me!

74: Minus bobble

Green, blue and yellow striped hat


This one told me that it didn’t want a bobble, so I left it off. I am way behind on the hats.


Hat 59: LOL @ moi

The very nubbiny top is a slightly different colour...


Onoes! 3 rows from the top and I run out of yarn and have to switch. It’s that Rowan Tapestry again. πŸ™‚

Anyway, three more to do… Ughhhh. I’ve been knackered and trying to get things done at the same time, and also I knitted a square for a friend’s blanket, which I’d been putting off.

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow, I will try to knit a hat or two while I travel.

Hat 58: Endings

Greeny-blue plied stuff and white stripes

Too lazy for the camera again

This hat used up two very small balls of wool. The green-blue plied stuff was given to me by Joe, and it’s strange that it’s all gone because there was loads of it.

Three left to do today… again.

ETA: Oh yes, look! I finished Barnaby the Sclocket (Rav link)! Maybe a pattern will follow. πŸ™‚

A purple and blue striped scarf with the ends folded up to make pockets

Scarf+glove+pocket = Sclocket

Hats 43-46: Joe is awesome

Two with white bobbles, one pixie-topped

Joe is wearing awesome glubs too

Viola! Three weeny hats, modeled by the fabulous Joe, who made his wristwarmers, and they are GREAT.

Joe also gave me some nice wool for future hats, yay! Thank you, Joe!

That is all.

Hat 37: Back on track!

Bluey Rowan Tapestry with a white brim and bobble

Hat 37: Bluey Rowan Tapestry with a white brim and bobble

Hurrah! I’m back to blogging daily. I’ve been horrendously busy the last couple of days, and today has made me verrrry achy and old-ladified. I did get to see some really lovely people, and play Bananagrams, and I finished my mum’s socks!

I’m really tempted to start a sock yarn blanket, but I think that might be unwise so I’ll do a scarf with a hood on instead.

Hats 32-36: Punctual, yet absent

Tapestry ribbed, pink and blue striped, blue with white brim and bobble, green ditto, light blue ditto

Hats on my bookshelf, since I'm right next to the bookshelf

I’ve been knitting hats on time lately, but I’ve also been unable to blog, as I’ve been either very busy or staying with a friend. I thought I’d chuck them all in the same post, and save us both some time.

Also, see below for a photo of Annie’s cute hamster, Dylan, who wouldn’t stay still for long enough to be photographed wearing the hat, so we put him next to it for scale purposes.

Hamster, slightly bigger than a smoothie hat

Hamster, slightly bigger than a smoothie hat

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