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Hats 111 & 112: Gender neutral

Rosa the kitteh, with two striped bobble hats

Rosa is a feminist kitteh, she approves.

So, two hats today! I am only one hat behind now. The first hat is misc pink acrylic with stripes of Sirdar Country Style DK (very nice indeed), and the second is blue and pink – gender neutral, once again chosen by Sir Kirsty.

I could just do one more hat tonight and be up to date, but I’ve had a busy few days and now I’m tired so I’m going to read in the bath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bath.

Hats 109 and 110: Pushy

One with ear flaps, one with a bobble

Observe how the hippie turns an unwanted disk from a plug-and-play tech into a coaster.

Yesterday was a Big Day. Sir Kirsty was hear to witness some of it. First of all, in the morning I asked @innocentdrinks to promote my blog. They did, and over the course of the day I got nearly 400 hits! Woo. 😀 Below is a little graph of the hits, compared to other days.

Under 50 for every day except yesterday, when it went up to 375 views!

Back down again today, I notice. 😛

Also, I made these two hats, one with earflaps. Kirsty picked the colours for both, and insisted on earflaps. She’s so pushy!

And finally, I got some awesome earthy woolly goodness through the post from the gorgeous Jae, who has done some lovely things for me in the past. She is lovely; if you see her in the street (she’s oop North), give her a cuddle from me.

5 balls and one cone of yarn! And a very sweet note. :)

I particularly like the look of the stuff on the cone. 🙂

Hat 88-90: NSFW

This is for Kirsty, who gave me the idea of rude hats, or something. I forget the details…?

Anyway, I’m all up to date now. 🙂

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