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Hat 20: Not a phone cozy

Ribbed hat, with matching phone cozy and sudoku book

The phone cozy in question that the hat isn't

This is a little snippet of my time with my family. Me and my mum did some sudoku puzzles, and I’ve knitted a phone cozy from the part-soya Rowan Tapestry as a prize for the Sutton Cheney fund-raising tombola. I knit a matching hat, since they look nice together in this photo. (That is the only reason.)

So! You should all go to Sutton Cheney Christmas Bazaar, on November 28th. There will be many crafts and local produce things for sale, and fun games to play, like the tombola. You can also win this awesome phone cozy. It’s totally good fun, and you could also meet my mum, who’s great!

Shameless advertising now over, I thought you’d like to know that I posted off the hats yesterday. Though I might have actually told you that yesterday. Anyway, the hat box is looking woefully empty! I might have to get hold of some more endy bits of yarn to cheer it up again.

Hat 17: Spooky

Orange and blue striped bobble hat under green light

Hat 17: WooooOOOOooooo

As some of you may know, tonight is Halloween. What better occasion to visit your mother on the train and ask her to pick colours for a tiny hat?

My mum chose the nice blue Sirdar Denim Tweed, and a scrap ball that came with a label marked Debbie Bliss Cathay. And voila! My work here is done. I took the photo under a green lamp, which made it look a bit spooky in real life, but I can never get my camera to show the right light. This is something I plan to learn on my mission here. 🙂

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