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Hats 185 and 186: :O I could wear them!

Two tiny hats on one ordinary sized head

Cunningly held invisibly in place by... hatpins?

Can you believe, it never occurred to me to *wear* the things? It took me 184 hats to work that out. It’s not like there’s anything to discourage me from wearing them, amirite?

(No, Lottie, you are not rite.)

PS: I am up to date! Hurrah! And I’m having a couple of days of being a hermit, so I hope to *stay* that way, too.

Hat 179: Firefly’s Jayne Cobb

A large hat made to look like Jayne's (from Firefly), and a weeny one to match

"The hero of Canton, the man they call..." What's his name again?

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but look I made a Jayne hat – in miniature! This one is my Jayne hat, the first one will soon be on its way to PolyWolf. (Click for awesome blog.)

Here’s the project page, and here’s the original pattern. 🙂

Hats 119-121: Lurrrrve

Three stripey hats, two with bobbles

The lighting is not great due to I could not be bothered

Voila! Will try to knit two hats tomorrow to be up to date, but let’s be honest, it might not happen due to Fran and Dave (eeeeeeeee!!!!!!) coming to stay! They’ve come all the way from Sheffield and I’ve not seen them in a squillion years! It’s all very exciting, and then I have to make a big meal for everyone. I cannot decide between risotto and soup, though Dan has expressed a preference for soup. I will think about it tomorrow. Now, to have a go with the sock yarn blanket. 🙂

This post was hardly about hats at all, was it? Can you tell I’m excited?

PS: That sock listing has over 3,000 views now!

Hats 113 and 114: Live Long and Prosper

It's just 'cos I thought it'd show off the earflaps best, really...

And there we have it, I am up to date with the hat-knitting!

I love the yarn in the one on the left, it was random-act-of-kindness yarn, but I’ve run out. I also used up the last of that yummy Sirdar Country Style DK on that stripe.

I have no idea what the yarn is for the hat on the right, but it’s got lovely stitch definition and it’d make lovely baby clothes.

Back to reading now – I’m having a whooshy head day, and reading helps distract me from feeling like I’m falling over when I’m still sat down!

Hats 109 and 110: Pushy

One with ear flaps, one with a bobble

Observe how the hippie turns an unwanted disk from a plug-and-play tech into a coaster.

Yesterday was a Big Day. Sir Kirsty was hear to witness some of it. First of all, in the morning I asked @innocentdrinks to promote my blog. They did, and over the course of the day I got nearly 400 hits! Woo. 😀 Below is a little graph of the hits, compared to other days.

Under 50 for every day except yesterday, when it went up to 375 views!

Back down again today, I notice. 😛

Also, I made these two hats, one with earflaps. Kirsty picked the colours for both, and insisted on earflaps. She’s so pushy!

And finally, I got some awesome earthy woolly goodness through the post from the gorgeous Jae, who has done some lovely things for me in the past. She is lovely; if you see her in the street (she’s oop North), give her a cuddle from me.

5 balls and one cone of yarn! And a very sweet note. :)

I particularly like the look of the stuff on the cone. 🙂

Hats 85 and 86: Trying out the new scraps

One orange blendy with bobble, one greeny-yellowy-bluey.

Sorry, rubbish photo again. I bought a cooker, that's my excuse.

I am exhausted. Today I bought a cooker. Life is hard.

I did, however, manage to knit a couple of hats, so I’m all up to date. A proper photo was too much effort, mind. I used the new yarns from pmcblonde, and they are so pretty! 🙂 The blue-yellow-green one doesn’t make good bobbles though; it just doesn’t squish properly.

I have made a few things for other people lately, so now it’s time to knit for me. My new year’s resolution is to knit something for myself every other project unless deadlines interfere, so it’s time for some Noro socks.

Hat 78: Yesterday

Yellow and orange hat

The awesome blanket is slightly bigger, but that's okay 'cos it took longer

This is yesterday’s hat – the first of the new year, 2010. Two-thousand and ten sounds cool, but twenty-ten sounds more futuristic. I like the latter more.

This is made from random yellow DK acrylic stuff and Debbie Bliss “Cathay”, and I’m running seriously low on scraps. I predict that in a couple of days I’ll be down to that fugly pink and the fascinating purpley twisty stuff. Uh-oh.

On the bright side, I finished Sir Kirsdy’s scarf:

Pink 1x1 ribbed scarf with variegated yarn and my label on

Oooooo, it's so pretty, you knows it is

And later on, I’m going to see Sven to sew the knitted patch onto his amusing hat. Photos to follow.

Much progress! A satisfying start to the year.

PS: This post has some great tips for keeping new year’s resolutions, that will work on your brain, all year round! Top Ten Mind Hacks for Making Your Resolutions Stick

Hat 59: LOL @ moi

The very nubbiny top is a slightly different colour...


Onoes! 3 rows from the top and I run out of yarn and have to switch. It’s that Rowan Tapestry again. 🙂

Anyway, three more to do… Ughhhh. I’ve been knackered and trying to get things done at the same time, and also I knitted a square for a friend’s blanket, which I’d been putting off.

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow, I will try to knit a hat or two while I travel.

Hats 43-46: Joe is awesome

Two with white bobbles, one pixie-topped

Joe is wearing awesome glubs too

Viola! Three weeny hats, modeled by the fabulous Joe, who made his wristwarmers, and they are GREAT.

Joe also gave me some nice wool for future hats, yay! Thank you, Joe!

That is all.

Hats 39 and 40: Christmasesque

Orange hat and blue hat, both with white brim and bobble

Er. I can't think of a caption.

I was on the bus the other day, and someone genuinely said to someone else, seriously, “Merry Christmas”.


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