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Hats 343 and 344: Spirals pattern

One pink hat with spiral lace pattern, one blue and pink striped hat with blue bobble.


Check it out, I have found a new favourite hat pattern! It is the spiral. Here it is for your knitting pleasure. The observant among you will notice that I have 8 days to knit 21 hats. My shoulder is still very painful. I may cry.

Spiral Hat

Note: yo = yarnover. k2tog = knit two stitches together. ssk = slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over and off needle. (It’s like a decrease slanting to the left.)

Cast on 28 stitches. K 3 rows.

Row 4: K3, yo, ssk. Repeat until the end of the round.

Row 5: P.

Row 6: K1, [yo, ssk, k3] 6 times, k3.

Row 7: P.

Keep doing this. You should have 28 stitches on every row throughout. Each knit row, knit the stitch above the hole/yarnover, then do a yarnover, then ssk.

When you’ve done 14 rows of lace, k2tog on each knit row until you’ve got 7 stitches, and then thread the tail through the remaining stitches and use it to sew up the side of the hat. Done!

Hat 56: Gharstly

Purple and turquoisey blue, with a bobble and earflaps

Clutter cunningly hidden behind giant knitting

So named because Joe was going on about Pokemon or some such at the time and commented on how nasty the colours were together. I kind of like the combination. Not that I would wear it, but I still like it.

In this photo, you can see the giant knitting I did on broom handles with strips of fabric for my one hour on the Fourth Plinth for One and Other.

I can’t believe that this one is the first I’ve done with earflaps! I did loads during my first year. So, I think this calls for a pattern.

ETA: So I have to do four tomorrow now. 🙂


Knit your usual hat.

Pick up 6 stitches from your cast-on row. The hat will be upside down, with the outside/right side facing you.

Row 1: Knit 6. Turn the work.

Row 2: Purl 6. Turn the work.

Rows 3 – 6: Repeat rows 1-2.

Row 7: Knit 2 together, knit 2, knit 2 together. (4 stitches remaining.)

Row 8: Purl 1, purl 2 together, purl 1. (3 stitches remaining.)

Rows 9 – 22: I-cord (YouTube link). Knit 3, slide stitches to the other end of your circular or double-pointed needle. Repeat.

Row 23: Pull the yarn through really far on each stitch so you end up with really big loops.

Cut a long tail. Hold all the looooong stitches and the tail in one hand and tie a single overhand knot. Pull it tight and cut the loops. Trim to taste.

The second flap should not be exactly opposite the first – most hats have earflaps slightly toward the back of the hat. (Perhaps this is too much attention to detail, but to me it just looks a bit wrong if the flaps are exactly opposite.)

Hat 42: Musical grandmas

White hat with dark brown musical note in intarsia

Laaaaaaa! Mimimimi!

As kindly pointed out to me by Jzblue on Rav, there’s apparently a charity single out!

Click here for more info. 🙂


In honour of the event, I’ve done a musical note on a hat. The patterned section is 6 stitches wide, start on the fourth row thusly (rubbish chart worked from the bottom up):

o = black

– = white

– – – o – – 11

– – – o o – 10

– – – o – o 9

– – – o – – 8

– – – o – – 7

– – – o – – 6

– – – o – – 5

– o o o – – 4

o o o o – – 3

o o o o – – 2

– o o – – – 1

Hat 23: Almost square

Grey and white horizontal ribbed hat, in scraps box

Observe, many beautiful scraps, and the buttoned hat 23

This is a catch-up hat for the few days I’ve missed. I’ve used another of my grandmother’s buttons, so it’s antique. I knit 3 rows of grey, then purled one row of white, and so on. The effect is quite bizarre, and makes it look kind of square when you see it from the front. Proper pattern for knitting flat is below.

I thought you’d also like to see how the scraps box is getting emptier, and the kinds of colours and yarns I have to work with.

I am tired and manky today, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of the day but it won’t involve much moving. I have some sewing up of some socks to do and I just can’t because I’m full of manky mank. Ahhh, doomful CFS!

I will stop whinging now.


To knit flat. Cast on 28 stitches.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Knit in a different colour.

Repeat rows 1-4, 3 or 4 times. Then knit 2 together all the way along the row twice, so you have 7 stitches left, and thread the tail through the remaining stitches. Pull tight and sew down the side. Attach button to taste.

Hat 6: Steve’s birthday ear-warmer

Steve models Hat 6

Steve models Hat 6

Today is Steve’s birthday, so I thought he’d like to be able to design my smoothie hat for today. He chose the fascinating Rowan Tapestry 30% soy/70% wool blend, which is soft and floofy and has lovely colour changes, but a tendency to make what I think of as donuts on the working yarn as it runs through your fingers. He asked for a very long, pointy hat with a plaited tail, and that is what he got – basically, a night cap.


Knit your hat as per usual up to 14 rows or so. To decrease, use the pixie decrease, but knit every other row throughout (ie: without decreasing).

Thread the tail through the last four stitches, and then thread another piece of yarn through the tip of the hat, twice as long as the remaining tail. Plait them together and tie a knot in the end, and then trim the last wispy bits.

NB: Here is how the Rowan Tapestry does the donut thing, in case I’m not making sense! It’s DK, and all that donut came from one hat.

The Donut Effect

The Donut Effect

Hat 4: Environmentally pixily awesome

Made from eco-friendly wool etc.

Made from eco-friendly wool etc.

This hat is made from wool that was spun and dyed in South Wales using vegetable dyes – I bought it from Greenfibres. That means relatively low environmental impact in transport and materials. I originally made some fingerless typing gloves for Bash from this wool, and the scraps come in useful for a variety of activities – mostly hat-related!

I used a different decrease for the top of that hat, which is partly inspired by CitrusGirrl, aka Hannah, and her awesome pixie hats! I find it easier to knit in the round, but I will include instructions for both.

It’s probably relevant to note that this hat-knitting malarky is pretty good for saving the environment too, for the following reasons.

  • You use up scraps that might otherwise be thrown away
  • Before they do go to landfill, they raise money for charity and make people smile, making the landfill space work harder!
  • Lots of people save up their hats when they buy smoothies, and then send them back to Innocent to raise money all over again


Knit your hat as per usual. When you start to decrease:

Knitting flat

*SSK, knit 5* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*purl 4, p2tog* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*SSK, knit 3* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

Knitting in the round

*SSK, knit 5* Repeat ’til the end of the row.

*SSK, knit 4* Repeat ’til the end of the row.


Etc. For both methods, keep going until you only have 4 stitches left, and then thread the tail through the remaining 4 stitches and pull tight. If you’re knitting flat, use rest of the tail to sew up the sides of the hat, too.

Hat 3: Knit for Peace

Hat 3: Peace Hat

Hat 3: Peace Hat

Today I helped change the world! At least, I assume so. That’s what the hippies tell me. I went to a rally in Swansea to stand up for freedom, etc etc – the Welsh Defence League (kind of like the Welsh BNP) were planning to gather there, so I was part of a very strong group of people who set up before they got there. There was much chanting and waving of banners, and it was considered a success by all involved. Hurrah! Photos below for those of you who’re interested. 🙂

Okay, I admit it, I am a hippie. And here is the proof. As you can see, Rosa is supporting the peace mission too by glaring and suchlike.

Hat 3: Peace (chart)

Hat 3: Peace (chart)

Peace Pattern

Cast on 29 stitches.

Rows 1-4: Knit in base colour.

Row 5: Purl 10, start knitting chart, purl 10.

Row 6-16: Knit 10 (even rows) or purl 10 (odd rows), knit the chart, and then finish the row.

Row 17-19: Stockinette in base colour only.

Row 20: K2tog all the way along, and ignore the last stitch. (15 stitches.)

Row 21: P2tog all the way along, and ignore the last stitch. (8 stitches.)

Thread the tail through the remaining stitches as usual and pull tight. Sew down the back of the hat. Add bobble to taste.

The Rally

Kirsdy manages to not accidentally make a rude gesture for peace!

Kirsdy manages to not accidentally make a rude gesture for peace!

Chanting and loudspeakers for peace!

Chanting and loudspeakers for peace!

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