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Hats 104 & 105: Surprising hat

A blue hat with a mad fluffy brim and a pink-ish hat with bobble

The camera fell over

So, I made a hat yesterday and I found this blue fuzzy one in the box and I’m confused about whether I’ve counted it or not so I’m going to work it out and get back to you.

In other news, I have an eBook reader, Mattie may be guest-blogging sometime soon, and it’s a lovely day!

This smoothie hat could’ve been modeled on an actual smoothie bottle, but I wanted to tell you about this organic tomato ketchup you can get from Lidl which is cheaper than Heinz. Buy it instead, and help to save the little ecologically diverse and helpful buggies and birdies and stuff!

Hat 79: Low on scraps

The hat, on a bottle in the scraps box, with a woefully small number of balls


I’ve done it before and I’ll probably do it again. Voila, a photo of the hat, but cunningly inserted into the scraps box. It’s a bit like Where’s Wally, and it also sneakily shows you how little wool I have left for hats so that you feel guilty and promise to send me more. Oh, and it shows my snazzy interchangeable needles and the checklist.

It’s probably best for all concerned if you ignore the big ball of pinky orange acrylic. I use it in such small doses in actual hats to preserve the optical health of you, the good readers. But in such a large amount…


ETA: Oh yuss, and I sewed the knitted patch onto Sven’s ear flap (Rav link), voila again:

Woof, clearly

Hat 78: Yesterday

Yellow and orange hat

The awesome blanket is slightly bigger, but that's okay 'cos it took longer

This is yesterday’s hat – the first of the new year, 2010. Two-thousand and ten sounds cool, but twenty-ten sounds more futuristic. I like the latter more.

This is made from random yellow DK acrylic stuff and Debbie Bliss “Cathay”, and I’m running seriously low on scraps. I predict that in a couple of days I’ll be down to that fugly pink and the fascinating purpley twisty stuff. Uh-oh.

On the bright side, I finished Sir Kirsdy’s scarf:

Pink 1x1 ribbed scarf with variegated yarn and my label on

Oooooo, it's so pretty, you knows it is

And later on, I’m going to see Sven to sew the knitted patch onto his amusing hat. Photos to follow.

Much progress! A satisfying start to the year.

PS: This post has some great tips for keeping new year’s resolutions, that will work on your brain, all year round! Top Ten Mind Hacks for Making Your Resolutions Stick

Hat 77: New Year’s Night Cap

Tiny hat made from pink and purple variegated yarn, plus bobble and loo roll backing dancer

I have a cold.

This hat is made from yarn that (gasp!) isn’t from the scraps box. I’m actually running pretty low on scraps – if you have any endy balls lying about that you’d like to post to me… 😉

The yarn is this 100% acrylic stuff that I tried to make socks from but it failed so badly, and now I’m turning it into a 1×1 rib scarf for Sir Kirsdy. I’d post a WIP photo, but it’s nearly finished, so I might as well post a finished photo. Maybe even a photo of Sir Kirsdy wearing the scarf? Intriguing. The ideas just keep coming.

Oh oh oh and I’m all up to date with the hat-knitting, and can commence my New Year’s Eve celebration preparations! Thank goodness. 🙂

Hats 60-63: Hideous Pink-y

Four hideous pink hats, some with purple bits

Am I up to date yet?

I know, bad pun. Can we move on? Here are three hats – I don’t like any of them. But then, I don’t like pink. One has moss stitch at the top, as I was showing Joe how to do it and thought I might as well leave it there, since the hat was already hideous.

In other news, it is bliddy cold. Approx -5 degrees centigrade tonight, apparently. Yes, this is the UK. Yes, -5 isn’t really cold in, eg, Canada or Norway. We’re just not used to it. I am enjoying the over-done-ness of the live Twitter #UKSnow map though.

Also, yay! I am all up to date with the hats! Relief. Now to go and knit myself some super thick slippers. (New flat, concrete floor in the bathroom. -5. Brrrr.)

ETA: Argh! Just checked, and because I didn’t blog yesterday I’m still one hat behind! Doom. Will do two tomorrow.

Hats 43-46: Joe is awesome

Two with white bobbles, one pixie-topped

Joe is wearing awesome glubs too

Viola! Three weeny hats, modeled by the fabulous Joe, who made his wristwarmers, and they are GREAT.

Joe also gave me some nice wool for future hats, yay! Thank you, Joe!

That is all.

Hats 32-36: Punctual, yet absent

Tapestry ribbed, pink and blue striped, blue with white brim and bobble, green ditto, light blue ditto

Hats on my bookshelf, since I'm right next to the bookshelf

I’ve been knitting hats on time lately, but I’ve also been unable to blog, as I’ve been either very busy or staying with a friend. I thought I’d chuck them all in the same post, and save us both some time.

Also, see below for a photo of Annie’s cute hamster, Dylan, who wouldn’t stay still for long enough to be photographed wearing the hat, so we put him next to it for scale purposes.

Hamster, slightly bigger than a smoothie hat

Hamster, slightly bigger than a smoothie hat

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