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Hats 136 and 137: Very apologetically behind

How did they get so wonky?

See what happens when you’re sleepy and can’t be bothered to get the bottles? Your hats get alllll tipsy. Oh dear! I have been so busy lately with other knitting things that I am now horrendously behind –  by seven hats. That’s right, a whole week. 😦

Warning: rant!

And today, like a mental person, I am going out to see a couple of friends and see some pretty holistic thingies in town. It will be fun, but it’s a long way to walk and the taxi is £5 because of the ridiculous one way system in the town centre! So I will have to walk. I hope to take it very easy when I get there, and I hope they’ve got places to sit down and such. Also, it doesn’t help that Rosa keeps sitting on my knee – I read about a study somewhere that physical weight on the body leads to a feeling of burden. A good incentive to lose weight and kick a kitty off the lap. Oh, I think she heard me, she’s just wandered off…

Okay, done now. 🙂

Hat 49: Recycled slippers

Hat with a bobble on a string

Three cool things

Annie, who I am staying with, has some amazing Primark furry slipper-boots. They are super comfy, but sadly the two pairs of bobbles fell off! :O Onoes!

She very kindly gave them to me for the hat-knitting cause, so I thought today would be a good day to show one of them off. I have three left.

Please note two really awesome potential Christmas presents in the background that your friends and family will always appreciate. The first is some Divine fair trade chocolate, which is coffee-flavoured and delicious. (I don’t even like coffee.) The second is Bananagrams, which is THE COOLEST GAME EVER. It is compact, fun and quick to play, and will appeal to anyone who likes words and such.

I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote my new knitting pattern, called Button Vines. It’s for a pair of chunky wristwarmers with cables and buttons on, and you can download the pattern for free on Ravelry or you can pay a leetle bit of money on Coriandr if you’re not on Rav. 🙂

I have a manky cold so I’m going to rest now. Nighty night.

ETA: The weeny hats were clogging up the box again, and the hatometer (link to the right) has been stuck below the target for a good few weeks now, so I thought I might as well send them off and such. A nice fresh start for my new flat seems like a good idea. They’re all parceled up, and I will try to post them tomorrow. There were 31! 🙂

Hat 22: To mark a new tattoo

Green and black striped hat with a button.

You can see the envelopes I'm making from maps in the background 🙂

Three days I’ve not knitted a hat for.  Eep. I’m going to make up the numbers, hopefully I can do another hat later on today. It’s all because of this house-hunting.

This particular hat used up the last of some black, and some vegetable-dyed local yarn, and I put a button on it to celebrate my new tattoo. The tattoo artist took a photo because she likes to remember unusual choices. Yes, I am strange. I really hope I continue to be strange for many years to come, otherwise it just won’t suit me any more!

In the background you can see some awesome recycled envelopes made from out-of-date maps; I’m really pleased because I’ve wanted to make map envelopes for a while, and I just found a map book from 1986 that no one will want, with ideal paper. You should be able to find them soon in my Coriandr shop.

Hat 13: With awesome project eco-bag

Awesome eco-bag for projects. Oh, and hat 13.

Awesome eco-bag for projects. Oh, and hat 13.

Amazingly, it was very convenient for me to take a photo of the leetle hat today! It’s a blue and white stripey number (that Denim Tweed again. That’s what scraps I’ve got right now, okay?), and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about this awesome eco-bag.

Reasons why this bag is awesome:

  • It’s from Boots for under £1.
  • It’s made from recycled plastic bottles. (Saves resources, saves space in landfill, saves energy, saves wildlife.)
  • It’s wider than it is tall, so you can see what’s in it really well.
  • It also doubles up as a lunch bag.

Buy one. As a hippie, I feel obliged to tell you about closed-loop recycling. It’s obviously very important to recycle – recycling one plastic bottle conserves enough energy to light a 60W light bulb for up to 6 hours. But it’s totally pointless unless it gets turned into something useful. And no company is going to turn waste plastic into something useful unless consumers demand it, by asking for it and then buying it when it turns up. This closes the loop of recycling, hence the name.

The hippies asked for more eco-friendly recycled products, and now Boots have started making these totally adorable lunch bags, so go and buy one right now! Seriously, they are exactly the right size for a sock project.

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