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Hats 136 and 137: Very apologetically behind

How did they get so wonky?

See what happens when you’re sleepy and can’t be bothered to get the bottles? Your hats get alllll tipsy. Oh dear! I have been so busy lately with other knitting things that I am now horrendously behind –  by seven hats. That’s right, a whole week. 😦

Warning: rant!

And today, like a mental person, I am going out to see a couple of friends and see some pretty holistic thingies in town. It will be fun, but it’s a long way to walk and the taxi is £5 because of the ridiculous one way system in the town centre! So I will have to walk. I hope to take it very easy when I get there, and I hope they’ve got places to sit down and such. Also, it doesn’t help that Rosa keeps sitting on my knee – I read about a study somewhere that physical weight on the body leads to a feeling of burden. A good incentive to lose weight and kick a kitty off the lap. Oh, I think she heard me, she’s just wandered off…

Okay, done now. 🙂

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