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Hat 16: Sheepy beanie

Plain white stockinette hat

Hat 16: Nothing to report

This hat is really boring, and I have no excuse. Mostly I was trying out the yarn, which I’ve never used before. It was one of several balls of scrap yarn that were sent to me on the Random Acts of Kindness forum on Ravelry, and the sender very kindly included labels for all of the yarns! This one is labeled Bergere de France Berlande, which, miraculously, is on Ravelry.

I have to say, it is yummy to work with. Sewing-wise, it got a bit strangly. But to knit with, it’s got a fascinating texture that I enjoy and I can imagine that something a bit bigger than an Innocent hat might feel great in scarf or similar. Shame it’s discontinued, eh?

Ooohh, and a shameless plug. 🙂 I have a new sock pattern for sale, it’s called Spiralicious. Here it is on Rav, and here it is on Coriandr. Thank you for paying attention for this shameless plug. /shameless plug

Hat 2: Sheepy sheep

Hat 2: Sheepy sheep

Hat 2: Sheepy sheep

I will be the first to admit that this didn’t go radically well, and I will certainly improve this idea for a future hat. I knit some of him in the car with BJ today, because I have promised to knit her a properly cuddly sheep. She would call him a sheepy sheep, hence the title!

I can also see me trying really hard to improve my photography skills. I am exhausted tonight (for those who don’t know, I’ve got that CFS stuff going on), so I will try to make tomorrow’s photo better.


Knit a white hat as per usual. Wrap a little ball of black wool and sew through it a good few times to hold it together. Sew some little eyes on and sew the head onto the side of the hat. Make little wraps for the feet, sew through those a few times to hold them together, and then sew them on in leggish positions. As you can see from the picture, he’s so realistic, you can practically hear the baaahhhhh!

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