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Hats 50-55: Continental jealousy

6 hats, three with cool bobbles, two on bottles, various colours

I tried to get the view, but all you see is the horrific state of my windowsills

You can just see the lighthouse on the far right. Yes, that is the sea, lots of it. It’s also a cracking view of the city at dusk but you can’t really see that because of the focus. So I took some marginally better ones. Viola:

Teeny tiny lighthouse to the south-east, lots of the city

Slightly better view of the lighthouse

Meridian Quay tower, some more city and sea

To the left next to the red chimney stack is the Waterfront Winter Wonderland big wheel

I love the view at dusk, when you can still see the colours of the rooftops and people are starting to put the lights on. Christmas all year!

And finally, the reason for the title – my lovely friend Nina in Germany. This is her enviable view from the window!

Lots of snow!

I am most jealous.

Oh yes, and I’ve done six hats – that leaves five tomorrow to get up to date. Ouch!

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