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Hats 109 and 110: Pushy

One with ear flaps, one with a bobble

Observe how the hippie turns an unwanted disk from a plug-and-play tech into a coaster.

Yesterday was a Big Day. Sir Kirsty was hear to witness some of it. First of all, in the morning I asked @innocentdrinks to promote my blog. They did, and over the course of the day I got nearly 400 hits! Woo. πŸ˜€ Below is a little graph of the hits, compared to other days.

Under 50 for every day except yesterday, when it went up to 375 views!

Back down again today, I notice. πŸ˜›

Also, I made these two hats, one with earflaps. Kirsty picked the colours for both, and insisted on earflaps. She’s so pushy!

And finally, I got some awesome earthy woolly goodness through the post from the gorgeous Jae, who has done some lovely things for me in the past. She is lovely; if you see her in the street (she’s oop North), give her a cuddle from me.

5 balls and one cone of yarn! And a very sweet note. :)

I particularly like the look of the stuff on the cone. πŸ™‚

Hat 106: Aston Vanilla

Purple-sparkly and blue striped bobble hat

Excellent use of natural lighting

Interestingly, you can sort of see the sparkles here. Steve commented that it was Aston Villa colours, and because I have no interest in football (Americans: that’s soccer, silly), and because when we were about 10 we used to call them Aston Vanilla to annoy the fans in the playground, this is what they are still called… in my brain.

Note toΒ  Aston Villa fans: I don’t think you’re vanilla. I’m sure you’re all very exciting and unusual.

ETA: I checked the records, and I know where I am now. πŸ™‚ I’m three hats behind, and catching up!

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