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Hats 185 and 186: :O I could wear them!

Two tiny hats on one ordinary sized head

Cunningly held invisibly in place by... hatpins?

Can you believe, it never occurred to me to *wear* the things? It took me 184 hats to work that out. It’s not like there’s anything to discourage me from wearing them, amirite?

(No, Lottie, you are not rite.)

PS: I am up to date! Hurrah! And I’m having a couple of days of being a hermit, so I hope to *stay* that way, too.

Hats 182 to 184: Biggles

Three striped hats with big bobbles, in the wool box


These hats are extremely bobbled.

With Big bobbles.


Hats 170-173: Allergicked

Four striped hats, two with bobbles and one with earflaps, clustered around the base of a lamp.


This isn’t a lazy photo. Ono. I worked really hard to get them all to stay on the base of this lamp, and I even spent 4 hours on a train today coming back from seeing my family for a few days. I managed to knit a hat most days, but I am one behind. So I hope to get two done tomorrow and be up to date.

I am so sneezy! My parents have 4 cats, and they’re all super chubby and allergic-making, so anti-histamines just don’t cut it. 😦 My flat is such a relief, because of the bald carpets and lino and leather sofas – minimal cat hair. Rosa doesn’t seem to be as allergicking as those family cats, either. Phew!

Hats 168 and 169: Craft Caddy from The Knitter

Pink folding box with 3 pockets, and two hats perched on it

Sleepy kitteh cameo

This is the free craft caddy I got with my £1-for-3-issues offer of The Knitter. 🙂 Admittedly, it smells of plastic for a few days after you unwrap it, but I’m finding it really useful because I can always locate the list to tick off the hats. Speaking of, check out the hats today! One has a go-faster stripe. I guess technically they *all* have go faster stripes, but hey, shhhh.

ETA: By the way, I have started the April Challenge on and it is really good! What a relief to get all this stuff out of my head when I start my day. Also, I am already a turkey. *beam*

Hats 162 to 165: Textured

Stroke screen for full texture appreciation

Voila, I am all up to date with the hats! I thought this day would never come! Two of them, the hats with purple in, are a fascinating combination of textures – the purple is rough, and the pink is smooth, slippery cotton. They’re great to feel with your eyes closed.

This is what I will be reading tonight, relevant, hey? Soon I’m going to be starting a Ravelry bookring, and this book will be registered on BookCrossing to make it easier to track.

Today I did epic planting and gardening, and now I’m watching Glee and working on my sock yarn blanket. I just watched the pilot of Glee, so for people who remember the closing song, here is a Spotify link for you.

Hats 160 and 161: Spot the hats

It's hidden in plain sight!

A clue? You want a *clue*?

Here are two hats made with that pink Luxury Soft Cotton DK by Sirdar. (In case you are curious, it’s a very splitty and slippery yarn, but makes a nice soft fabric with a lovely drape.) One is using some of the 5-ply from the Epic Shawl.

As you can see, I got my issue 17 of The Knitter through the post today. It was in a special offer – I get three issues worth £5.99 in the shops, plus a free craft caddy, for £1! Yes, that is ONE BRITISH POUND.

In other news, I have made a nice header! I win!

ETA: You may enjoy following my friend Mazzle’s blog, which can be found over at – do iiiiit!

Hats 157 to 159: Digital Economy Bill / Return of the Kirstikins

Three striped hats in front of a rain-spattered window, facing a brightly lit alleyway

Go into the light!

These smoothie hats are going to the big supermarket in the sky. Sir Kirsdy chose the colours for the orange and purple one in the middle, using up the last of the fluorescent orange. I am still debating internally whether it was wise to let her pick. But then, orange and purple are very fruity colours so they’re actually rather suitable, innit?

Moving on to a pretty groovy subject that is currently in, hip and down with the kids – the Digital Economy Bill. (Link to page on parliament website.)

Here is a video from the demo yesterday.

Here is a hashtag search for #debill on Twitter.

Here’s a quote of what Cory Doctorow said there.

So imagine if I said to you that I had a single wire that could deliver in it freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, access to communities, ideas and tools, access to education, to civic engagement, to politics, to everything that matters in the 21st century, and then I said that we’re gonna take that wire, and regulate it as though we’re a glorified way for getting Lily Allen tracks without paying for them and downloading Police Academy sequels. You’d say I was mad, but that’s what’s on the plate today with the Digital Economy Bill.

They’ve only gone and put the debate about the digital economy bill on at the same time as something to do with dissolving parliament so there’s a real risk of it getting rushed into law. (27,000 people in 26 countries say that access to the internet is a human right, and this bill will give the government power to cut anyone off from the internet.)

It’s basically a bill to keep the rich getting richer – those people who hold copyright are worried that a small percentage of their income isn’t coming in because of downloads, when people who illegally download spend twice as much on media as people who don’t.

I’d really appreciate it if you would write to your MP – here’s a very easy link to do it all online.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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