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Very Exclusive Item

Green and orange striped hat with matching bobble, blue fringe and purple ear-flaps

Classy; it's modeled on a bottle of cheap cider to emphasise the futility of capitalism.

I first met Roger in Milan, darling, at a fashion show that he was hosting. At the time he was just starting out, and now he’s so fabulous that he has to avoid the public eye at all costs. Last time he went to a show the paparazzi turned up and two guests died in the rush of fans. To avoid further fatalities, he had to get plastic surgery so that he wouldn’t get mobbed. Obviously I can’t show a photo of his current appearance, but you’ll surely recognise his previous visage.

Anyway, he was kind enough to design this beautiful piece for me, and dedicated fans will recognise his style. We have fluorescent orange and green stripes, with a blue/yellow/purple fringe and matching purple earflaps. The green and orange bobble accents the overall look, I think.

This is actually Edna Mode from "The Incredibles", in   case you have that tip-of-the-tongue thing going on.

Don't bother looking for him, he doesn't look like this any more

He’s keeping it for his egg, which is why it doesn’t count towards the final 365, but I feel privileged to have made such an exclusive item. Ta, Rog. 😀


Hats 152-154: Multiple choice

Three hats on a box

Rawr! (That is my default caption if I can't think of anything else)

This photo, to me, looks like “pick one of these options” – would you like fluffy, a bobble, or just stripes?

Hats 141 and 142: For the auto-condimentors out there

Two hats, each on a salt/pepper grinder, and a very blue sky

Nom. Omnomnomnom.

It’s a beautiful day! So I left the top of the photo in, to show you. 🙂

Anyway, voila. Two hats, I made them last night, I’m still four hats behind. I should be able to catch up a little bit more today. I may also do a bit more on my shawl. Then I would like to get some fresh air, perhaps by going for a bimble in a direction I have never bimbled in before.

In these hats, I don’t know where but there is definitely some King Cole Merino DK, I think this was the grey-blue stripe on the left, bouncy. And there is also some Patons DK, I think that’s the blueyness on the left, which is gorgeous! I am dubious about the naturalness of the fibre and dyes, but the colours are so rich and bright. Who knew dark colours could also be bright? So that’s probably Patons DK, but it might not be.

Anyway, love to all the auto-condimentors! (That’s people who put condiments, such as salt and pepper, on their food before even tasting it.)

Hats 136 and 137: Very apologetically behind

How did they get so wonky?

See what happens when you’re sleepy and can’t be bothered to get the bottles? Your hats get alllll tipsy. Oh dear! I have been so busy lately with other knitting things that I am now horrendously behind –  by seven hats. That’s right, a whole week. 😦

Warning: rant!

And today, like a mental person, I am going out to see a couple of friends and see some pretty holistic thingies in town. It will be fun, but it’s a long way to walk and the taxi is £5 because of the ridiculous one way system in the town centre! So I will have to walk. I hope to take it very easy when I get there, and I hope they’ve got places to sit down and such. Also, it doesn’t help that Rosa keeps sitting on my knee – I read about a study somewhere that physical weight on the body leads to a feeling of burden. A good incentive to lose weight and kick a kitty off the lap. Oh, I think she heard me, she’s just wandered off…

Okay, done now. 🙂

Hats 119-121: Lurrrrve

Three stripey hats, two with bobbles

The lighting is not great due to I could not be bothered

Voila! Will try to knit two hats tomorrow to be up to date, but let’s be honest, it might not happen due to Fran and Dave (eeeeeeeee!!!!!!) coming to stay! They’ve come all the way from Sheffield and I’ve not seen them in a squillion years! It’s all very exciting, and then I have to make a big meal for everyone. I cannot decide between risotto and soup, though Dan has expressed a preference for soup. I will think about it tomorrow. Now, to have a go with the sock yarn blanket. 🙂

This post was hardly about hats at all, was it? Can you tell I’m excited?

PS: That sock listing has over 3,000 views now!

Hats 111 & 112: Gender neutral

Rosa the kitteh, with two striped bobble hats

Rosa is a feminist kitteh, she approves.

So, two hats today! I am only one hat behind now. The first hat is misc pink acrylic with stripes of Sirdar Country Style DK (very nice indeed), and the second is blue and pink – gender neutral, once again chosen by Sir Kirsty.

I could just do one more hat tonight and be up to date, but I’ve had a busy few days and now I’m tired so I’m going to read in the bath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bath.

Hats 109 and 110: Pushy

One with ear flaps, one with a bobble

Observe how the hippie turns an unwanted disk from a plug-and-play tech into a coaster.

Yesterday was a Big Day. Sir Kirsty was hear to witness some of it. First of all, in the morning I asked @innocentdrinks to promote my blog. They did, and over the course of the day I got nearly 400 hits! Woo. 😀 Below is a little graph of the hits, compared to other days.

Under 50 for every day except yesterday, when it went up to 375 views!

Back down again today, I notice. 😛

Also, I made these two hats, one with earflaps. Kirsty picked the colours for both, and insisted on earflaps. She’s so pushy!

And finally, I got some awesome earthy woolly goodness through the post from the gorgeous Jae, who has done some lovely things for me in the past. She is lovely; if you see her in the street (she’s oop North), give her a cuddle from me.

5 balls and one cone of yarn! And a very sweet note. :)

I particularly like the look of the stuff on the cone. 🙂

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