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Hats 185 and 186: :O I could wear them!

Two tiny hats on one ordinary sized head

Cunningly held invisibly in place by... hatpins?

Can you believe, it never occurred to me to *wear* the things? It took me 184 hats to work that out. It’s not like there’s anything to discourage me from wearing them, amirite?

(No, Lottie, you are not rite.)

PS: I am up to date! Hurrah! And I’m having a couple of days of being a hermit, so I hope to *stay* that way, too.

Hats 138 and 139: Mattie’s dessert of choice

A purple and cream striped hat, and a white hat with red flecks and a red bobble

Yom? Discuss.

Mattie, who is wonderful and has made my windows all fabulous. pointed out that the one on the right has a cherry on top and reminds her of blancmange, and the one on the left reminds her of yoghurt. Who can argue with Mattie? No one, that’s who.

You’ll be pleased to know that my knitting work has come to an end for the time being, and I although I enjoyed almost every minute of it, I am pleased to be back to my usual knitting routine. I will be catching up as best I can, and I have some guest-blogging posts coming up too. 🙂 Watch this space.

Hats 115 and 116: Epic Fame

One with a blue fringe, one with a pink brim and red bobble

It's the crazy wool again! Run awayyyyy

Today I managed to catch up a bit on the hats I’ve not been making for the past couple of days. It’s been a bit stressful and tired here, and I’m sorry I’ve been a bit lax. I should do three tomorrow, if I can.

But, today was also exciting! Because I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

It has always bugged me that crafters on Etsy, Folksy, etc etc, undervalue their crafts and then undervalue everyone else’s, too. But it’s not something I’m furious about, because there’s no way anyone can make a living by knitting. People on Rav get really caught up in issues about:

  • Copyright. “What if I design a pattern and then someone else knits it up and sells it? I find that offensive!” (If you wrote a pie recipe and someone made one and sold it, you wouldn’t be owed a penny, so shush.)
  • Undervaluing. “Someone on Etsy (or similar) is selling wristwarmers, custom made, for £/$/€ 5! That barely covers yarn costs. How are we meant to make a living if people aren’t charging sensible money for their time?” (Some people are silly and don’t value themselves, and that’s nothing to do with you, so shush. I have to say this to myself sometimes.)

But the great thing is, neither of these things matter. Because if you were to charge sensible money for your hours of knitting time, no one would buy it. It’s basically impossible to make a living from actual knitting. (Selling your patterns, if you work hard, is possible.) In this particular handmade craft site listing, I point out the time taken to knit a very simple item, convert it to money (a bit over minimum wage), add on extra expenses, and then mark the price at this realistic amount. It’s a pair of stockinette socks, and it’s priced at £208.70. (ETA: There’s a discussion on Rav here, if you’d like to join in.)

The page has had, since 11:30am this morning (about 12 hours ago), 1624 hits. That is, to me, phenomenal. More than four times the number of visitors this blog had when Innocent promoted it. It’s been retweeted on Twitter 30 times that I know of. That is like FAME. None of the people that saw the listing had this blog URL though. 😛

Exciting, hey?

Hats 113 and 114: Live Long and Prosper

It's just 'cos I thought it'd show off the earflaps best, really...

And there we have it, I am up to date with the hat-knitting!

I love the yarn in the one on the left, it was random-act-of-kindness yarn, but I’ve run out. I also used up the last of that yummy Sirdar Country Style DK on that stripe.

I have no idea what the yarn is for the hat on the right, but it’s got lovely stitch definition and it’d make lovely baby clothes.

Back to reading now – I’m having a whooshy head day, and reading helps distract me from feeling like I’m falling over when I’m still sat down!

Hats 92-94: Poofalicious

A purple pixie hat, a stripey bobble hat and a HUGE hat!

To scale

Observe! It’s like someone took an ordinary hat and filled it with hairy dynamite and ran away and watched from behind the TV. Or, which I think is more appropriate to the name, like someone stuck a straw into the hat and blew, and it poofed up out of all proportion.

The stripey one is using up some of that Berlande stuff, and the purple one is the funkeh pixie decreases with some RAKed wool.

That reminds me, I need to tell you about the mahoosive box of wool from Turtlegnome. BRB…

ETA: Here is a photo of the ridiculous hat from the side, to show how poofalicious it really, really is. Also, I thought you’d like to see all the hats in the box, since you’ve only ever seen them one at a time.

A big box of hats, as if I'm going to describe them to you! And the poofy hat is about three times as wide as the bottle!

It's huge!

Hat 91: Harry Potter but WRONG

White on black mohair, a very weird and not nice squiggle


Sir Kirsdy came over, and we watched Harry Potter, and it was good. This hat is a very sad/funny attempt at the Scar. Will try harder next time.

This mohair is from an EPIC box of yarn that was sent to me by Turtlegnome. She is an EXTREMELY GENEROUS person, and I am outrageously grateful. 🙂 I will blog about it as soon as I have the energy.

I’m two hats behind, I don’t think I’ll get them done today, my energy is all weighed down by DIY. But I hope to do some more tomorrow night, and blog about them on Monday.

Hat 59: LOL @ moi

The very nubbiny top is a slightly different colour...


Onoes! 3 rows from the top and I run out of yarn and have to switch. It’s that Rowan Tapestry again. 🙂

Anyway, three more to do… Ughhhh. I’ve been knackered and trying to get things done at the same time, and also I knitted a square for a friend’s blanket, which I’d been putting off.

I’m going to Ikea tomorrow, I will try to knit a hat or two while I travel.

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