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Hats 265 to 266: Freaked out

Two freakish hats made of eyelash yarn


D’you know what? Anxiety, it sucks, it really does. The wonderful Hannah gave me some balls of crazy eyelash yarn (she’s also making me a corset! and a baby! but she is keeping the baby), which I don’t like working with, but it makes some great hat brims. I had no other wool on me but everyone else was knitting, so I thought I’d knock up a quick tiny hat entirely of eyelash yarn. What’s the worst that could happen?

I will tell you! Knitting with the eyelash yarn made me really really overly terrified. Properly stuck-in-a-tiny-box terrified. I had to put it away in my bag, and I finished it later with ordinary yarn because I couldn’t face the eyelash stuff again. Which is why the hat on the left is mostly eyelash yarn, with a blue bit on the top. It’s like a big fuzzy wig with a tight-fitting hat on top, no?

The second hat was more, er, under control. And I’m still up to date!

Hats 152-154: Multiple choice

Three hats on a box

Rawr! (That is my default caption if I can't think of anything else)

This photo, to me, looks like “pick one of these options” – would you like fluffy, a bobble, or just stripes?

Hats 95-97: I haven’t stopped… much

A shoe box with cute little yarn cakes, three hats and a book

The leetle hat on the far right is Jarol Hyde Park DK

Knittingnanny on Ravelry sent me this wonderful RAK package. I am really looking forward to the book, and when I’ve read it I’m going to set up a reading ring so that lots of people can have a go too. I’ll almost certainly register it on BookCrossing beforehand, though I think you won’t need to be a member to join in.

And I just love the bright colours! The yarns are wrapped up so prettily, it was a joy to open the box and see them all sat comfortably bundled up. Love (1).

So, big thank you to Knittingnanny, I am going to enjoy using this yarn.

Regarding the epic delay, I’ve been feeling pretty manky, and also excited about some projects of my own, so I am two hats behind. I am going to try to catch up this evening. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

Click here for the sockulator to have a custom sock pattern.

First I finished a Noro sock, I have been dying to knit with the Noro stuff, because it has an awesome reputation. Anyone who knows me understands my revulsion at matching socks on my own feet, so I never have to knit the second sock of a pair. 🙂 Second sock syndrome? What is this?

Then I made a totally seamless hot water bottle cover that looks suspiciously like a crocodile, so I named him Brock. I may do a tail and some leg(gies), and write up the pattern for anyone who wants to make him too. 🙂

Blue hot water bottle cover, with EYES!


I promise, I will get back on track now.

ETA: Onoes! You can’t put links in captions, even though it acts like you can. Okay.

Sockulator (non-Rav link)

Jarol Hyde Park (Rav link)

Epic amounts of stash

Groovy leetle balls of yarn

Note the little tiny bunches - great, and totally useful, as the hats are so small. From Dravenxiv. 🙂

You will not believe how much wool I have now. Seriously, you, my readers, have rescued me! I’m never going to be able to make boring hats again, not even if I try really hard! Random Acts of Kindness for the win. 🙂

First of all, here’s the load I got from Dravenxiv today, forwarded from my old address (it may have arrived sooner, I don’t know).

Pretty little balls, all thoughtfully labeled

A very kind note from Doodles, too!

Then there’s this tidy sample from Doodles, who has fab taste and has kindly labeled all the samples. This is great, because it means I can tell you what the yarn knits up like and then tell you what it is, in case you want to get some of it.

And finally, the epic box of yarns from Turtlegnome, who must have a lot more space in her stash cupboards now; this means that either I will be taking the yarn to charity knitting events or I may have to knit a hat a day for 7+ years. Wow.

Huge box of fascinating yarn.


So, I am very grateful indeed to all of you, and I need never run low on yarn again. 🙂 If anyone would like to help me out, show their projects some lurve on Rav. Thank you so much for your very unexpected yarn-generosity!

Scraps again!

Eight very colourful and different balls of DK yarn.

I think they look quite tasty.

Look what pmcblonde sent me. 🙂 They’re so beautiful, they could be an air hostess. They’re so beautiful, they could be a part! Time! Model! (YouTube link)


I just love all the colours, and they looked so pretty in the winter sunlight.

Please say thank you to pmcblonde by checking out her Flickr stuff or her project page, both of which are very much knitting pr0n. Seriously, people like her keep this project ticking along – I can’t knit other projects fast enough to have unwanted scraps of DK to keep me going! Thank you. :):):)

ETA: She said this on Rav: In there is rowan soft lux, some dk hand dyed by Woolbird, some hand dyed green/blue yarn (possibly by Wyndwitch) from the early days of RAK, some matchmaker dk, regia 6ply, and some unknowns (grey and the lavender).

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